Not Much Going On Lately

Photos (mostly geotagged) by MJ Klein

There really hasn’t been much going on with us lately.  That’s why there hasn’t been an update for several weeks.  Nevertheless, I have to put something on the blog, so I’ll do a composite post about what we’ve been doing, even though it’s not really very interesting.  Hopefully the photos will be interesting.  The following photos are representative of what’s on our photostream on Flickr.  To see the other photos in the photostream, just click on this link.

Btw, we do have a typhoon bearing down on us.  We should start to feel the effects by Friday night.


This turned out to be one of my favorite photos of Phoenix, playing with her bubble gun.


Our friends Van and Shonda performing at a local coffee shop.  Phoenix loves music and she was dancing.

Qingshui HDR

I took a few HDR photos at the Qingshuei rest stop on Taiwan’s Highway #3.

Phoenix's House

Phoenix has been building “houses” out of Lego Duplo blocks.  She’s only 2 years and 8 months old (at the time of this photo) but her designs are quite complex.  Notice the toy Nissan GT-R on the table.  The GT-R is her favorite car (that’s my girl!).

Phoenix's House

Phoenix posing with her house she built for Mommy & Papa.


Waiting for our food at the Taichung THSR station.

Bubble Time

Another day, another park, playing with a bubble gun (she has 2 of them).

Movie Night at the Hakka Cultural Center in Zhubei

On Saturday nights, the Hakka Cultural Center in Zhubei has movies they show outdoors.  Prior to the movie, they have entertainers performing.

Movie Night at the Hakka Cultural Center in Zhubei

Movie Night at the Hakka Cultural Center in Zhubei

Tonight’s movie is “Cinderella.”

Hukou Day Market

I took Phoenix for a walk through the Hukou Day Market, downtown.

More Hukou HDR

On the inside of the marketplace, I took a few more HDR photos.

More Hukou HDR

More Hukou HDR

This last HDR photo was taken in downtown Hukou.  This store is so dark inside that I didn’t notice the people in the office until I processed this photo into an HDR composite!

Thanks for reading.  We hope you’ll take time to visit our Flickr Photostream and view the rest of the photos surrounding these.

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  1. Although not so much is going on for you at the moment, you still find time to take some interesting photos.

  2. Nice pictures – hope the typhoon hasn’t caused you too many problems.

    We should do something soon – maybe going to the beach again, or something involving barbeques? 😉

    1. hi Stefan, funny but I was just thinking how it’s almost time for you to be back in Taiwan! Van and I have some new gigs coming up (one this Friday in fact) in Zhubei. we could go to the beach and have a barbeque for sure! why not both? hehe the typhoon didn’t bother Hsinchu very much at all. the mountains blocked the high winds and captured most of the rain. i’ll be in touch. take care Stefan.

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