1. What will happen to that sign??? That’s a neat sign.

        Even tho The Hilltop closed a little more than a year ago… the giant cactus sign… is still there. Talk of possibly another restaurant going into that location.

        1. hi Mike. i honestly don’t know, but i guess it will stay there until the next tenant removes it. there used to be a steakhouse i visited in NH…. Texas-something or other…. i forget. they had a nice T-bone that i still remember. take care, Mike.

  1. Damn, that’s too bad.

    Do you know what prompted his decision – did the business slow down or did the rent rise?

    1. hi Stefan, the rent did go up a lot, but Peter’s been living in Hualien and just doesn’t need the hassle of running the Wild West anymore. he closed the Taichung store a few months ago, so the handwriting was on the wall, so to speak. he is keeping his Taipei restaurant but all the others are closed now. maybe we can check on the Taipei place next time you’re back in Taiwan. take care.

      1. Makes sense, must be a bit complicated to run a business from so far away. Too bad, though. Well, let’s try the one in Taipei then – maybe we can cycle there. 🙂

          1. hi Stefan. i never knew the name. my wife had the namecard at one time but can’t place it now. the location is Danshuei. i’ll ask Peter and email it to you. thanks.

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