Our Friday Night Gig

Photos by MJ Klein

UPDATE: We will be broadcasting the next few weeks from the Wild West.  You are welcome to check our webcam page and  view our performance live on the webcam.  More information is available on our Events Page.

As most of you reading this blog know, I was at one time, a professional musician.  I have been playing continuously for decades and since living in Taiwan, I’ve had opportunities to perform on several occasions.  Recently I’ve been playing a regular gig on Friday nights and I’m going tell a little about it here.

Our Friday Night Gig

The venue is the Wild West Chophouse, or 大西部 in Chinese.  The Wild West is located in Zhubei, Taiwan at 新竹縣竹北市光明一路256號.

I’m playing with another guitarist named Van.  He plays country songs and uses an acoustic guitar which blends very nicely with my electric guitar sound.

Our Friday Night Gig

This is our stage area before we set everything up in the afternoon before the show.

Our Friday Night Gig

First things to go up are the speakers on their stands.  Notice the amplifier on the barrel table.  You will also take note of the fact that the speakers are in the back, behind where we will be standing.  We set them up this way on purpose so we can hear the speakers and not have to use additional speakers as monitors.  We have to be careful of feedback from the vocal microphones but we don’t play that loud to begin with.

Our Friday Night Gig

This is a closeup of the Yamaha PA amplifier.  I really like this amplifier because (for one thing) it has built-in effects which make the vocals sound nice.

Our Friday Night Gig

We also use a Roland DR-880 drum machine, which can produce drums and bass parts.  Many of our songs have programmed drum and bass sounds, so we sound like a 4 piece band.  Often the audience is surprised when they hear drums and bass on songs because they only see 2 guitar players.

Our Friday Night Gig

I have a footswitch on the floor in front of my microphone so I can start the drum machine without touching it.  Oh, the backlight on the LCD display is burnt out and I use it too often to send it to the shop for repair.

Our Friday Night Gig

The Wild West has a great outdoor seating area.  They also have a house PA system with a speaker outdoors, so I made a cable that plugs into our record-out jacks so we can feed our sound to their house system.  People sitting outside can enjoy our performances too.

Our Friday Night Gig

This is the stage all set up, with microphone and guitar stands.  We have a fan on the floor to blow air across the stage area because sometimes it gets pretty hot when we’re playing.

This is what we sound like (you may change the video to display HD):

This video was shot by our friend Keiran Earl

The Wild West has some great food.  Just take a look at some of the dishes they offer (all food photos taken by mobile phone):

Our Friday Night Gig

Texas Chili and chips.

Our Friday Night Gig

Chips and salsa.

Our Friday Night Gig

Combo appetizer platter.

Our Friday Night Gig

Quesadillas.  These come in chicken or beef.

Our Friday Night Gig

Nachos with cheese.

Our Friday Night Gig

Burrito, also in chicken or beef.

Our Friday Night Gig

But my favorites are the steaks at the Wild West!  They use double-inspected US beef and as opposed to some other steakhouses in Taiwan, they know how to cook them properly!

In addition to our performances on Fridays, they also have other music performers on Saturday, and belly dancers during the week!  So if you get a chance to drop by the Wild West, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Looks excellent! We’ll have to eat there next time I roll into town.


  2. Thank you! Thank you for including your music on your site. Really enjoyed it. Hope you do it again. My husband plays electric guitar and sings country and gospel.

    Two years ago he surprised his high school classmates by performing at their reunion as none of him knew he sang or played an instrument. So I really appreciated your answering my past request to perform on your site. Thank you.

    Food looks great too.

    1. hi Carolyn. great to see you again. that’s cool your husband plays too. there are lots of talented people around!

      i guess i assumed everyone knows that there are several performance videos online that feature me playing guitar. let me link to some of them now. these are when i was playing with a Thai band several years ago:


      this is another one of Van and I:

      take care Carolyn.

  3. Nice sound, and that’s pretty good recording, too. Did your friend plug-in directly into your sound system? I’ve been listening to it three times now, looking out of the window at the beautiful warm weather we are having and wondering whether I can skip out of work …

    That’s the same restaurant Andres has been writing about a while back, right?

    If you are still playing there in summer, I’d like to come by and listen if I may.

    1. hi Stefan. the video was recorded in-camera and the sound was captured by the Canon DSLR’s built-in microphone. yes, that is the same place that Andre wrote about. we both enjoy eating steaks there, and we often meet for lunch or dinner. you are more than welcome to come by and hang out. please allow me to buy you a drink! it would be great to finally meet, so be sure to let us know when you’ll be dropping by! thanks Stefan, and take care.

      1. I’m afraid I’m quite boring in person, among my other personal failings I don’t drink beer. :-/

        Well alright then, I’ll have a coke, please. Isn’t it more traditional to buy a drink for the musician, though?

  4. In your picture of “Texas chili and chips… here’s the big question… did the “Texas chili” have any beans in it???

    Lots of people make chili with beans in it (which is one reason why I don’t eat chili… I’ve always HATED beans… all kinds of beans) … but I guess in Texas… they say real chili doesn’t have beans in it.

    By the way… at this year’s Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party… they are going to be having some “surf-n-turf”. Along with all of the BBQ ribs, pulled pork, and so on… Woodman’s of Essex (where its said the fried clam was invented) will be there selling fried clams and mini lobster rolls.

    1. Mike, AFAIK, chili refers to the meat and spices, not beans. i don’t recall whether the Wild West chili had beans or not. good excuse to get it again!

      1. True… but LOTS of people put beans in their chili (which why I don’t like chili)… and just saying that people in Texas say that REAL chili doesn’t have beans in it.

        So… thats why I was curious if the “Texas” chili had beans.

        How did your webcam broadcast go this past Friday???

        1. hi Mike. yeah, lots of people do put beans in their chili. although i was there on Friday i neglected to check the chili for beans.

          we recorded the entire show and readers can view the recording here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-nh-bushman we are going to do another webcast this Friday at the same time. we are attempting to make improvements on the audio and video. thanks Mike.

    1. hi Tim, glad you could join us here on the blog. i’ve played many shows in Taiwan, anywhere from Titty Tea to Taoyuan Stadium. there is a lot going on here, once you find out where. you’re not too far away from us, being in Miaoli, and cool as that is, you weren’t that far from me in New Hampshire either, apparently!

      your videos are great. we’d love to have you come and sit in with us, anytime. thanks for dropping by!

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