Super Typhoon Soulik Bearing Down on Taiwan

We are preparing for the arrival of a super typhoon called Soulik (locally called Huanina) in the next 48 hours.  This is one that we don’t want to take lightly.  Check out the images and links below for more information.

Typhoon Soulik (Huaning)

Typhoon Soulik (Huaning)

Typhoon Soulik (Huaning)

Typhoon Soulik (Huaning)

Typhoon Soulik (Huaning)

Typhoon Soulik (Huaning)

Bushmans Typhoon Blog

Taiwan Central Weather Bureau

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  1. Hi MJ,

    This one looks like a massive Typhoon. Right now the clouds are building up here in Taipei so we will need to get ready for it. I hope you guys are prepared too. I do know this one looks bigger than most but (I guess since I was a boy scout) I always take typhoons seriously, no matter what the size, and make sure we are properly prepared.

    Thanks for the info. I have been watching it on the news too.

    Stay safe warm and dry.
    Paul´s last post ..Riding the (Insane) Toucheng (頭城) Loop – 165 km

    1. hi Paul. we take them seriously too. we’ve battened down the hatches and are ready to ride this one out. hope you and your family have an uneventful typhoon! take care.

    1. hi Carolyn. yes, nothing happened to us worth noting. but it was a very powerful storm and so big across that it lasted longer than normal. that was the first typhoon (for me) that kept blowing for almost 24 hours. how are you doing? take care.

      1. We are fine. Taking Peichi shopping at a fairly new Asian market on the mainland tomorrow. Michael said it was the best Asian market he had seen outside of Asia.

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