Accident on Freeway #1

Tonight (2/1) on our way home from Costco, we were delayed on Freeway #1 by a bad accident.

Accident on Taiwan Freeway #1

Hui-chen and I counted no less than 14 tow trucks rushing to the scene.  In a few minutes after the above image was taken, we see the tow trucks winching the overturned truck out of the way:

Accident on Taiwan Freeway #1

It took about an hour for the work crew to get the truck out of the way so the traffic could pass.

Now, you’re probably wondering where I got these images from.  These are screen captures from my Android mobile phone.  There is an app that I’ve been using for some time now and I’ve been meaning to do a blog article about it, but this accident has forced my hand.  I’ve been using the KNY Taiwan Freeway CCTV app, which gives you access to real-time video feeds of all the traffic cams installed on the Taiwan freeways.  I’ve collected several hundred screen captures, but unfortunately they are all .png files and must be converted to .jpg before I can use them in articles.  But the screen captures show all kinds of relevant information that you can get from this very useful app.  Notice on the top left hand corner of the video image, is a speed.  This is the actual speed of the traffic in range of a particular camera.  By looking at my mobile phone, I was able to determine that the outside lane (on the far left in this screen capture) was not where we needed to be if we wanted to get past this accident.  At the bottom of the screen is a scrollable display of all the cameras.  Notice that “88.46” is highlighted in red.  That means that this camera, which is located at 88.46 KM and located on the North side, has slow traffic.  If the traffic speed were normal, it would be highlighted with a dark green.  I highly recommend this app for Taiwan drivers.


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  1. I’ve seen some pretty stupid behavior on the roads here in D.C., but it still doesn’t compare to driving conditions there in Taiwan. Stay safe!

    And keep those pictures and videos of Phoenix coming!
    Kaminoge´s last post ..Unfinished business

    1. hi Jim. as you well know, nothing compares to Taiwan driving! i’ve been driving like an old man more and more. because i am one, lol, and i also now have a baby in a car seat in the back, so i watch my speed. we’ll have more of her coming up really soon. thanks Jim and take care.

    1. hi Snap. that’s what i wanna know too! unfortunately i missed the story on the news. HC’s sister told her that they had dashcam footage of it happening, but she didn’t note how it got turned over. what a mess! thanks Snap and take care.

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