Baby Phoenix Learns How To Play

Video by MJ Klein

In this video we see Phoenix playing with her baby gym.  She is so small that I have to lay her on a firm pillow (buckwheat husks, actually) so she can reach the paddles.  Every time she hits a paddle, the machine plays another excerpt of the song.  She has to keep hitting one of the paddles to keep the song going.  Phoenix is 12 weeks and 5 days old at the time of this video.  What do you think of her ability?

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  1. As usual Phoenix is precious. She caught onto what to do. Loved her delight in the music.

    1. thanks Carolyn. since i have no previous experience with children, i find all of this stuff new and interesting. it was fun to watch her working out what needed to be done. take care.

      1. I guess I have not been taking care as I got out of the hospital yesterday after three days. Glad to be home. Looking forward to more pictures and videos of Phoenix.

  2. These kinds of toys are great, I remember when I brought one of them for my daughter she was immediately excited when she saw it – even before she had started to play.

    One of the great things about having children, is that you can share things you like and pass on some of your skills. I think Phoenix will get a deep appreciation from music from you. I’m sure you sing to her a lot, and music is such a great way to connect to a baby anyway.

    1. hi Stefan. you are so right about music. i sing to Phoenix all the time. her favorite song is “The Muffin Man” but i’m sure that will change soon! take care and thanks.

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