This Week in Food: 1114

FOOD Photos by MJ Klein

Dear Readers, it’s been awhile since we had a strictly food article, and week 14 of 2011 was an interesting one.  So let’s get right into it!

This Week In Food, 1114

Hui-chen and I had dinner at the Rainbow Restaurant in Hukou.  That’s pork/garlic/basil on the right and fried egg Thai salad on the left.

Chubby Steak

Next up is this ribeye steak at Chubby in Jhuibei.

This Week In Food, 1114

This is Hui-chen’s chicken salad at Chubby.  They deep-fry the chicken for this salad, which is a first for me!

This Week In Food, 1114

This is a Toasted Almond (mixed drink) and brownie at Titty Tea, after Chubby.

This Week In Food, 1114

This is pasta and bacon at Bravo in Jhubei.  Predictable, but quite good actually.  The pasta was not overcooked.

This Week In Food, 1114

This is an order of sushi from 順億鮪魚專賣店 in Jhubei, one of the best places around for sushi.

This Week In Food, 1114

This is a grilled tuna chin 鮪魚下巴.  If you haven’t tried one of these, you don’t know what you’re missing!  They are fantastic!

This Week In Food, 1114

Grilling at Xiao-hui’s!

This Week In Food, 1114

We had Bootsy BBQ sauce on hand that afternoon.

This Week In Food, 1114


Our last group of photos is from a nice lunch we had at 餃餃者麵食館 in Hsinchu:

This Week In Food, 1114

Dragon Mustache vegetable.

This Week In Food, 1114

Boiled dumplings.  These were better than a lot of places I’ve tried.

This Week In Food, 1114

Pineapple shrimp, Taiwanese style.

This Week In Food, 1114

Seafood roll.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fine dishes and we’ll be sure to bring you some new ones again soon.  Hui-chen and I are in the habit of photographing nearly every meal we eat, just for the blog!

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  1. Pingback: MJ Klein
    1. hi Brunty. yes we’ve been enjoying the varied cuisine that Taiwan is known for. the ribeye was great, and even better than some of the specialty steakhouses. hopefully you’ll be here to sample these foods yourself! take care Brunty and thanks.

  2. Pingback: Patrick Cowsill
  3. The deep-fried chicken on lettuce and bacon pasta look like crap (the sauce hasn’t been reduced, the spaghetti noodles don’t work with a white sauce, etc).

    Everything else works for me, especially the stuff at the Rainbow Restaurant.

    1. hi Patrick. Hui-chen said she liked the salad and the pasta dish wasn’t so bad (but predictable as i stated). we have enough material to do an entire feature on the Rainbow, and i think that would make a good article. i’m going to review our photos from there. thanks Patrick.

  4. I’m curious about grilled tuna chin ? How does it taste like ? I don’t know any place in States having that dish.

    1. hi Kevin. i’ve not personally seen fish chins in the US but on the TV show “Bizarre Foods” i’ve seen host Andrew eat them in the US once. i think they might be gaining popularity. the tuna chin is a very satisfying portion! it has some of the best fat on the fish (fish fat is good for you, right?) and there is light meat and dark meat on the chin, almost like a chicken. the flavor is rich and savory. they are usually served with a lime and our Asian style pepper/salt (we use white pepper in Asia). the grilled tuna flavor goes very well with those 2 condiments. of course you can also use wasabi even though that is normally used on sushi and sashimi. in Chinese we call the chin ?? (xia4 ba) so you might try talking with a fish seller in a Chinese market (if you have a China town nearby). if you can find tuna chin and grill them you won’t be disappointed! Hui-chen and i went back for another one yesterday! thanks Kevin and take care.

      1. Thanks MJ. And by your description (and the picture), I have to try grilled tuna chin at least once. I’ll ask my Asian friends and coworkers to see if they know where to find it here.

        1. hmmm Kevin, i changed all the databases on the blog server so i could write in Chinese but there seems to be a problem with the comment database. so i wrote the Chinese in the article description under the tuna chin photo, in case you want to show that to someone at the market. take care.

  5. So how did the new BBQ sauce perform, were you happy? After reading this I’m really longing to grill something. 🙂

    1. hi Stefan. the Bootsy BBQ sauce delivered! i think i was suffering from cabin fever and just needed to get outside and run the grill for awhile. that day seemed to fill a need for grilling! yes i was happy! i hope you get to grill something soon! take care Stefan.

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