Lunch After Class

Photos by MJ Klein & Hui-chen, including some FOOD PHOTOS

I took some of my Chinese language classmates out for lunch the other day.  Where did we go?  To Xiao-hui’s!

Lunch After Class

When we arrived there was very loud karaoke going on inside, so we opted to sit outside.  It turned out to be a good choice because the weather was just beautiful!

Lunch After Class

Lunch After Class

Here we are, waiting for the food to arrive.

Lunch After Class

It didn’t take long!  This is somtom, or papaya salad.

Lunch After Class

Cucumber salad.

Lunch After Class

This is the famous Thai soup, tomyum.  It was nice and spicy without being overpowering.

Lunch After Class

One of the most interesting aspects of our lunch was the conversation, which took place in Mandarin, since that is the only language in common with everyone there.  Countries represented were Sweden, France, Israel, Korea, Japan, Argentina, and the USA and Taiwan.  Here we see one of our Japanese students telling a funny story in Chinese.

Lunch After Class

Lunch After Class

Everyone poses for a final photo!  It was a great time!  Thanks for joining us!

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  2. Hello MJ,

    Did you enjoy with them ?
    I really thought so.
    Because they seems so happy.
    It’s sunny day here too.
    We must enjoy that day until cold winter…

    Have a nice day !

    1. hi Emi. yes, i did enjoy lunch with them. we had Thai food at a famous place in our neighborhood. everyone was happy and we all spoke Chinese! it was fun! nice weather also. hope your weather is warm too. take care Emi.

  3. You would’ve been able to do something like this outside here tday… but tomorrow you wouldn’t want to.

    Today… Tuesday, Nov 23rd… its going to be in the low 60’s (about 17c) here but tomorrow… Wednesday, Nov 24th… its only going ot be in the low 40’s (about 7c). Still… not as bad as the upper midwest (Minnesota, Iowa, etc) where its only going to be in the teens (about -10c).

    I guess you would need that spicy Thai food to help warm you up 🙂
    mike01905´s last post ..2010 Head of the Charles Regatta

      1. Well… you know how I love the cold weather… so I for one would miss New England winters if I left here 🙂

        By the way… WRKO radio sends out these “New England Perk” e-mails… and today they finally had something that I was interested in.

        Got a 1/2 price admission ticket ($12 at the show and I got it for $6) for the New England International Auto Show (featuring new cars and concept cars… like with the Taipei International Auto Show you went to last year), Dec 1-5, at the Boston Convention Center. I plan on going on Dec 2nd and getting there early (show opens at 12 noon) as that is when the crowds should be the lowest… which should make for better picture opportunities (fewer people to walk in front of a shots).
        mike01905´s last post ..2010 Head of the Charles Regatta

        1. Mike, based on the fact that i have never seen you wear a jacket, yes i would say you love the cold weather! lol! nice work on the 1/2 price admission to the Auto Show. we won’t be having one in Taipei this year because it’s every 2 years :(. hope yours is a good one. thanks.

          1. What do you mean??? You’re seen me wear a light jacket when it was like -6c out and a windchill of -17c 🙂

            Well… that stinks that the car show there is every 2 years. The New England International Auto Show is every year the first weekend of December World of Wheels use to be every year the first weekend of January… then it was mid-March last year and now it will be the first weekend in April this year.
            mike01905´s last post ..2010 Head of the Charles Regatta

  4. Is there any truth to this do you think? my journo Aussie friend in Taipei says on forumosa blog:

    ”news report I just worked on says the manufacturer told both her and her
    coach AND her trainer when the footguards were purchased that they had
    been banned from competition since July and were strictly for training
    purposes only. On NO ACCOUNT should they be used in competition, they
    were clearly told. But they went ahead and used them anyway. Its
    unfortunate that the inspectors missed it during the pre-match
    inspection, but it seems pretty clear that these extra sensors can
    lead to extra points and it also seems pretty clear, at least
    according to the shop that sold them, that the Taiwanese were well
    aware of this.

    Sounds to me, based on the evidence, that they’re just pissed at
    getting caught.”

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