The Road Behind Our House, Part 2

Photos by MJ Klein

Hui-chen and I just returned to Taiwan from vacation and found that some more work had been done on the road behind our house.  As you may recall last time, the sidewalks had been broken up and removed.  That was back in January.  Now it appears that the sidewalks have been finished.

August Road Work

Notice how holes have been made to fit around the trees.

The Road Behind Our House

Compare the same area as it was back in January.

August Road Work

Today it looks a lot better and also more useful as a sidewalk.

August Road Work

But even as new as this work is, they’ve already cut into it and dug it up for some reason, as this patch would indicate.  It seems that some kind of work is always being done and patches are being laid, sometimes on top of one another as work progresses.

August Road Work

I’m not sure what they are doing down at the corner, but it requires a crane.

August Road Work

It’s going to take awhile as they have put up a rather permanent-looking fence around the construction site.

I’ll be sure to post and update on the progress down the line.  Thanks for reading!  Leave us your comments, retweets and recommendations below.

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  2. I read in the news that the reason for so many road recontructions is the poor coordination among different departments. There was one road in Taipei that was newly paved and then the followingly destroyed by another department and reworked simply because they were told to rebuild that already newly-paved road by another different department. They are a bunch of idiots or leeches sucking up our tax money!

    1. wow Yu-fen, sounds like someone doesn’t know what they’re doing! and in the Chinese way of doing things, no one is allowed to speak up and say, for example, “hey this road has already been repaved!” thanks!

  3. elections are coming up which means budgets will expire soon, that’s why you are seeing a lot more road & infrastructure constructions than usual. all the officials are trying to get their kickbacks before the budgets expire. other than spending all the money allocated to them, these construction projects always take a lot longer than expected so they can ask for more funds to “complete” the work which means more kickbacks for all involved.
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  4. Well… you only have sidewalks that need repair. This past week… two times on back-to-back days… there were “potholes” (chunks on concrete that disintegrated leaving exposed rebar) on an overpass/bridge of I-93 in Medford in the area of Roosevelt Circle, Both times… 2 of the 4 lanes had to be closed for repairs. Talk about a traffic nightmare. They say the overpass is likr 50 years old and really needs to be replaced.
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    1. oh, we have some bad bridges and overpasses here too of course. but at least like you say, our neighborhood doesn’t have anything like what you just mentioned Mike.

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