The Road Behind Our House

Photos by MJ Klein

Some time ago, we brought you a series on the re-engineering of a large road near our home.  Continuing with that series, we’re now going to take a look at the road that runs behind our house.

The Road Behind Our House

This is a shot of the sidewalk, or at least, where the sidewalk used to be (referred to as “pavement” in the UK).  A few days ago, jackhammering began and ran into the night.  The next day, the sidewalk was broken up. A day later, the broken pieces were all removed, and since then it’s been as you see it here.

The Road Behind Our House

This is the view taken in the other direction.  Hui-chen and I speculate that this road is being widened to accommodate all the cars that park on this road.   Recently, the Hukou Police ticketed hundreds of cars for parking on this road (even though it’s not illegal) and that may have been their way of making a point.  What worries me is the possible destruction of so many trees that line this road.  The area behind our house is very green and is lush with trees and bushes.  We’d hate to see these trees cut down in the process, but if the road is being widened, I don’t see how that eventuality can be avoided.

We will keep you posted.

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  3. Have you called the police to complain about the jackhammering? I hope for your sake they don’t cut the trees down, as that will mean less privacy and more dust and pollution. Actually, I don’t really get it. Is the sidewalk going to become a street? From the pics, it seems like a half a lane, maybe a bit more and that’s it.

    1. Patrick, we didn’t call the police because the jackhammering wasn’t done in the nighttime. we’re not sure what they’re going to do. originally HC thought they were going to widen the road but now she says they’re going to put down concrete tiles for a new sidewalk. at this point we can’t really tell what they’re doing. HC saw them putting in some kind of a new pipe but i didn’t see it. i hope this isn’t all for just that. they’ve torn up the entire road for blocks. thanks Patrick.

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