Our 2010 USA Trip

Photo by Hui-chen

We’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to the USA!  We’re ready to bring you the story of where we went, what we did, what we saw and what we ate!  But before we get into the first installment of our trip I want to ask our readers for their opinion of how we should format the articles.

Bushman Meets Mike01905

Bushman Meets Mike01905 in Lynn, Massachusetts

In our last trip series, we brought you the food experiences last, in separate articles at the end of the series.  Dear Readers, how should we present the food experiences this time?  Do you like the separate articles at the end, or do you want to see what we ate along the way, in chronological order (as best as we an accomplish that)?  Let us know and we’ll get into this brand new series with a bang!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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  2. I am looking forward to this. It is nearly two years since I have been back home. As far as format goes, if the food fits into the stories it makes sense for it to be there, but I also like to see the food pictures all lined up. So for me the response would be to do what ever makes it easier and more interesting for you.

  3. Geee… looking at this pic… I need to lose some weight 🙂

    Hard to say how you should format your articles. If you combine “what we did” with “food” in 1 article… it could make for some big articles. If you do “what we did” articles and then did “food” articles… you’ll 1) have a lot more articles and 2) won’t be torturning people (ie: making them drool) with the food articles for awhile.
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  4. I agree with mike01905 that the food should be separate articles. I look forward to seeing your USA trip. I have read most of your articles since you, Michael T, and my son, Michael C, made the Laos trip. You write interesting articles.

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