It’s Hot!

I’ts been too hot to ride or exercise lately.  The temperature yesterday was 38C/100.4F

It's Hot!

Today is going to be just as bad,  but it looks like we might get some relief with rain later in the week.  When the heatwave breaks I’l lbe getting back on my trike.  Last time I rode I got a terrible case of prickly heat rash.  I’m not looking forward to repeating that episode.

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  1. WOW… nice temp map of Taiwan. Its amazing how the western part of the country is pretty hot and the eastern part of the country looks cooler. I’m guessing the area in green (showing the coolest temps) are mountains.

    So far… we’ve been lucky here in the Boston area. I don’t think it has officially hit 90F/32.2C at Logan Airport (although some other areas may have reported 90F). We have had a few days this past week with temps in the high 80’s (about 31.1C) with dewpoints getting to 73F (22.8C). Those are the kind of dewpoints that you get down in the southeastern USA. And… what made that even worse was… not much of a breeze. So it was really stuffy and for some people with respiratory problems… pretty difficult to breath.
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  2. M J , wow that is hot , hope it does rain a little there to cool things off . Here in Thailand we are just warn and cool at nights as we are in the middle of our rainy season. I was talking to my son in Grants Pass ,Oregon and he said they had several days of 105 offical in town , but he said two of those days it was 112 at his house in the back yard . I lived there five years and Grants Pass can be one of the hottest places in Oregon , it sits in a bowl and just soaks up the sun. Take care and try to stay cool . Malcolm
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    1. Malcolm, it’s just been too hot in many places this summer. for some reason, according to the map, right where i live is _the_ hottest place in Taiwan right now. go figure! i have a case of prickly heat so i’m staying indoors for now. take care.

  3. Now I’ve told you how many days we had in June that were cloudy, cool, and rainy. Well they had something on the local news about how the “summer” has been here in Boston.

    This is how the “summer” (June and July) has been in Boston since they started to keep weather records in 1885…

    The wettest (most rain) ever.

    The 5th coolest for average high temps.

    No 90F/32.2C days, the first time since 1996 and only the 4th time ever.

    Now we did have one or two 90F/32.2C days back in May… but none in June or July. They are saying we “might” see 90F here on Wednesday before a cold front comes thru. If not… then mabye Monday of next week.
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      1. Nice weather site. Since you say this is the “government website”… I’m guessing this is the equivalent of the NWS (National Weather Service) here.

        Looks like that as of 21:50… there was a storm cell on the radar (not sure how far from you). Looks like it was about 45dBZ… which would be a “borderline” thunderstorm (moderate to heavy rain… may or may not have any thunder and lighting with it).

        As I look up things like the current observations and past observations… I don’t see “dewpoints” listed. They list the current temp, wind direction, wind speed (Beaufort scale), wind gusts, visibility, pressure, precipitation, and uv index.

        You can see the latest weather info here at…

        My weather station reports wind speed, wind direction, air temp, dewpoint, relative humidity, rain totals, and pressure (in millibars). It gets updated every 5 minutes (unless my computer is down, power is out, etc). You can also see the Taunton Doppler Radar at the bottom of the page (when no rain in the area, you usuall see a lot of “ground clutter” picked up by the radar).
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        1. Mike, that storm cell turned out to be quite a storm! it rained very hard here for quite some time. it was a relief from all the heat we’ve had recently.

          people can click on that link and see info directly from your personal weather station? thanks Mike.

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