A Ride Into Town

Video by MJ Klein

Hey, I have another GoPro video for you.  I took a trike ride into the downtown area of Hukou and rode around trying to capture what it’s like to visit our small town.  Here is the video:

A Ride Into Town from MJ Klein on Vimeo.

Speaking of GoPro cameras, my plastic mounting hardware has broken, piece by piece.  The plastic is much too brittle and the mounting shoes survived only a few mating cycles before the retaining ears broke off.  GoPro is aware of the problem, and had this to say about it (in response to my email):

“We’re sorry to hear several of your HERO parts have failed.

Unfortunately it sounds like your kit was affected by a poor plastic resin mixture from a recent production run causing the brittle parts.  We’ve recently become aware of this problem and have already rectified this for newer production runs.

If the supplier has not replaced the parts for you, please reply with your mailing address, and we’ll get some replacements right out in the mail to you.  Please be sure to toss out all of your old parts that you receive replacements for.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.”

Fortunately the parts are being replaced by the supplier where I bought the camera from, Niddle Technology.  They’re a 1st class operation and I highly recommend them as a supplier that stands behind their customers.  I can’t say enough good things about Niddle Technology, and GoPro.

Thanks for reading!  We’re looking forward to your comments and ratings below!

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    1. Brunty, i have no complaints with GoPro, or Niddle Technology. these kinds of things do happen and to me, what separates a good supplier from a bad one is what happens after some kind of a screw-up. thanks.

  2. i enjoyed this video MJ, so nice to c the streets of my home country. thank you. 🙂

  3. That camera looks cool. Better than mounting your D80 somewhere and risking breaking it. I’m almost tempted to get something like it. although I would be forced into buying a bike then. 😉
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