Memorable Meals 2007, Part I

Photos by MJ Klein

Continuing with our series of past meals, we bring you Part I of the year 2007:

Memorable Meals 2007, Part I

One of our famous cold dishes, this is sliced cold chicken.

Memorable Meals 2007, Part I

Fresh bamboo.  I really liked this one.

Memorable Meals 2007, Part I

Standard Taiwanese fare, fried cabbage.

Memorable Meals 2007, Part I

Sliced pork with oyster sauce.

Memorable Meals 2007, Part I

Fried oysters with green onions and tofu.

We’ll keep bringing these to you until we’re run out of photos from our vast archive!  Thanks for reading.

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  2. MJ , as I said before , I’m glad we had already had dinner , , I always put on a few pounds just thinking about all that good food and yes there is nothing that sticks in our memory like a good meal and extra special if with good friends , I’m sure most of your memorable meals were with good friends , I really love fresh bamboo shoots and they are in season here now and you can get fresh all along the highway, at roadside produce stands , one of my fav dishes with them is shoots and scrambled eggs and banana peppers served over hot rice and drizzled with fish sauce.Also I think I would like the fried oysters and green onions minus the tufu. Malcolm
    .-= Malcolm´s last blog ..THE SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE =-.

    1. Malcolm, i’m with you – i love fresh bamboo shoots. i’ve had the pleasure of digging up a few of them (see the Miaoli articles) and cooked them right on the spot. that dish you mentioned with the banana peppers sounds really great. i’ll have to whip that up sometime! thanks.

  3. MK,

    You are killing me with this food series! It’s midnight over here and I’m drooling looking at those pictures. Now I gotta go get a snack! LOL
    .-= owshawng´s last blog ..Man vs Lawn =-.

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