Memorable Meals 2006, Part VI

Photos by MJ Klein

Continuing with our series of photos from the year 2006, we present you with these:

Memorable Meals 2006, Part VI

We started off with boiled dumplings and Taiwan Beer!

Memorable Meals 2006, Part VI

Here is a closeup of the dumplings, filled with pork and cabbage.

Memorable Meals 2006, Part VI

Soft tofu.

Memorable Meals 2006, Part VI

Sliced octopus tentacles.  Really nice texture.

Memorable Meals 2006, Part VI

Pork intestines with ginger and sauce.

Memorable Meals 2006, Part VI

One of my all-time favorites, wonton soup.

This food was served at a restaurant near to one of the factories that prodces our products.  We’d had numerous memorable meals there!

Thanks for reading.  Looking forward to your comments!

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    1. Mike, it’s “typically American” not to try the new stuff, so i’m not sure if you’re in that category or not. the cabbage is prepared in a way that’s completely different from methods of cooking it in the USA. i’ve never had it like that in the US, ever. the other items you mentioned are just meat types and they taste good. regardless of how it “sounds” you can’t hear food!

  1. Great meal, octopus, yummy, soft tofu a favourite, and a big fan of pork intestines (Sia Moo in Thai). It is hard to find a really good wonton soup, even back home in Australia this was the case. The dumplings with a soysauce, wow MJ you were eating well mate. Thanks for sharing. I am hungry 🙂
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..Ubon Travel Fest Show, Isaan Thailand. =-.

  2. I love your pictures of food! The summer weather here in Taipei weakens my appetite, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy looking at photos of yummy, yummy Taiwanese food. And, as another American (albeit one who grew up Taiwanese-American and therefore eating lots of Chinese and Taiwanese dishes), I have to say, I don’t understand how anyone who came from the culture that gave us fruit-and-lettuce impregnated jello molds and hot dog carts can be afraid to try some pork intestine and octopus! At least you know what’s in the pork intestines (just pork intestines)… And octopus is one of my favorite dishes.

    1. Catherine, welcome! i agree with you 100%! those foods are just good, pure and clean foods and you know what you’re getting – no surprises there. i consider myself fortunate to live in Taiwan and have all these wonderful dishes to choose from. thanks for your comments and we hope to hear from you again!

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