Announcement: Bushman’s Blogger Beach BBQ!

Photos by MJ Klein

UPDATE:  Please register for this event.  While registration is not a requirement, we would all like to see who is going to attend.  Thanks for your cooperation!

It’s time for another blogger party folks!  This time, it’s going to be a grill party on the beach!

I’d been searching for a new place to do something different, and in my travels I found a cool place by the beach that would make for an excellent blogger party.  I’ll show you some photos in a minute, but first, let me announce the date (and why).

September 19th, 2009

In case of a typhoon, the backup date is September 26, 2009.

Where: Sinfong, Taiwan. Coordinates: 24 54.698 120 57.994 (plug this into Google Maps).  It’s just off Route 15 along the coast.  Very easy accessible from anywhere in Taiwan.

The place is very easy to find and the coastline here is incredible.  Like many beaches in Taiwan you cannot swim here, but the view is nice and there is always a cool breeze.  What’s more important is there is a place where we can set up some grills and have a party and no one will bother us.

Why This Date?

September is much cooler than July and August, yet warmer than October.  The weekend before is still part of Ghost Month, and many people don’t go out during that time.  The weekend after is fine too, but then there isn’t any backup date in case of a typhoon.  This date is still plenty of time before the Lunar Festival so it won’t interfere with that holiday.  So, September 19th seems to be the perfect date.

Here are some details about the place:

Today's Ride 090520

There is a sizeable parking lot.

Today's Ride 090520

Just around the corner is the first of two shelters.  You can also park on the right side across from the shelter.

Today's Ride 090629

We’ll have to bring some tables to make things easier.  I have a small portable table and a few chairs that I’m going to bring.  We could use a few tarps and some rope to extend the top for better sun shielding.

Today's Ride 090629

Next to the shelter is a “boardwalk” where lots of people walk on the weekends.

Today's Ride 090629

The view on the Taiwan Straight is very nice.

Today's Ride 090520

This area also has some great bicycle trails so bring your bike!  You can ride all the way up into Yong An if you like!  There is also a place to rent one of those 4-wheel bicycles.

I’m going to arrive early in the morning to set up in the shelter.  Like Yong An, you can’t “reserve” the shelter so it’s first come-first served.  The good news is that there is another shelter down the road from this one.  There is nothing stopping us from setting up on the sand or on the boardwalk either.  So no matter what happens, we can have a good time and enjoy the outdoors!

What To Bring?

  • Whatever you want to eat, and drink.
  • Portable grill
  • Charcoal
  • Small table (and chairs if you like)
  • Bicycle(s)

We Could Use:

  • Tarp to extend the roof
  • Rope to tie the tarp

Hope to see you all there!

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  2. Pingback: MJ Klein
      1. I would if I could for sure, can you email me on exactly what I will have to do to get there. Where do I fly into and such?

        Anything is possible, Just Do It 🙂

  3. Hello Michael,

    You have to elaborate on the particulars of ‘Ghost Month’, is it a buddhist thing or aboriginal mountain people superstition?

    Oh, by the way, the slimmer and trimmer Michael looks good. I bet you feel better, too. So, atta boy, Michael!

    Peace. Cool. Cya.


    1. Hi Jeff. we’ve blogged on Ghost Month before and Wikipedia has a good article here: i’ll probably be going around taking photographs of the offerings next month when it happens again. the holiday is steeped in the belief of life after death and that dead relatives visit the living. offerings are made to the spirit realm during this time. many people limit their travels during this time in order to limit their exposure to spirits who have been let loose. the holiday is celebrated by both Buddhists and Taoists alike. apparently it’s a Chinese inspired holiday and not part of the aboriginal belief system.

      yeah it feels good to have dropped a few kilos. i need to keep riding but now is the hottest part of the year. the sun is blazing hot! recently, i’ve been exercising indoors more often as a result. thanks Jeff, nice to see you in the comments section. take care.

  4. Hmmmmmm…

    The place is very easy to find and the coastline here is incredible. Like many beaches in Taiwan you cannot swim here, but the view is nice and there is always a cool breeze.

    OK… since I don’t live in Taiwan… I’ll ask… why can’t you swim in many of the beaches in Taiwan???

    1. Mike, many of the areas of coastline have dangerous currents. this place we’re talking about is no exception. some beaches have laws requiring swimmers to wear flotation devices.

      1. Ahhhh… ok… I didn’t realize there was a problem with dangerour currents. Would this be the same as “riptides”… which are usually encountered during tropical storms, hurricanes, or other big storms???

        {shameless plug time}

        Just posted the pics of the Tall Ships Visit to Boston on my Flicker page…

        This coming weekend will be the New England Sand Sculpture Festival at Revere Beach… which I’ll be going to and taking pictures of 🙂

  5. Man I wish I could make it to your bbq party. You always had the best bbq parties at your place when you lived in NH.

    We still talk about your parties here NH and you haven’t been here in over 5 years.

    If you can make it to one of MJ’s parties don’t pass up the chance. My favorite part is when he brakes out the guitar and sings some songs.

    1. Chenbl, i’m going to show up on or around noon. i think i’ll print out a big letter “B” and put it on my windshield so people will know they’ve arrived in the right area. bring some chairs or a blanket to sit on! hope to cu there!

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