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  2. MJ,

    The trike seem so smooth going down the hill, how fast were you going down that hill?

    Seeing you talk about your new helmet cam as of late, it made me think of this relatively new HD capable helmet cam that I saw recently, VholdR ContourHD. The unedited raw HD skiing footage by VholdR ContourHD that was provided on one of the review sites (see first link below) was awesome. The cam is relatively small and the battery used is basically a commonly found (and relatively inexpensive) cell phone style battery. However, so of the videos I have seen, the wind noise can be a bit loud but I guess that can be toned down during post edit. Check it out.

    1. hi Peter. i was going over 35 KPH at the peak of my down hill speed. i’ve hit and surpassed 40 KHP several times on that same hill. as long as the tires are properly inflated, the trike is smooth and responsive.

      i did see that new HD helmet cam, and i thought that i probably didn’t need to go HD with a helmet cam right away. i got the GoPro so i could get experience using a helmet cam and see if i actually did need HD or not. of course the other reason is because of the versatility of the GoPro. the GoPro has a vented bike helmet mount and i’m not sure the HD camera would even mount to a bike helmet. i didn’t want to be stuck having to wear a motorcycle helmet all the time. honestly, sometimes i wish the GoPro quality was a bit better but overall i does get the job done. the still camera function isn’t bad either. i’m quite happy with the GoPro. thanks for your comments Peter. always nice to see you in the comments section.

  3. I believe that ContourHD have a lot of different mounts so I don’t think mounting to a vented bike helmet is a problem. But it is probably much more expensive (and not as wide-angled) than your GoPro Wide which also receive a lot of good reviews. But it’s neat to see someone posting videos of these helmet cams regardless of the cam used. Weird that the links that I posted in my last post did not appear. Perhaps the WordPress system does not like brackets enclosing the links…here it is again sans brackets:




    1. Peter, it is significantly more expensive than the GoPro. i also like the wide angle (170 degrees) and that makes a huge difference when photographing action like that. the case is also waterproof to 30 meters so it’s beach and water sports ready! looks like the links came through just find this time.

      the sample videos i’ve seen look much more shaky in HD. i have to admit the GoPro is pretty smooth, no doubt because of it’s 170 degree angle plus the solid mounting hardware. i have to be honest – the HS footage doesn’t look so vastly different from my GoPro to make me want to get one.

      thanks Peter.

    1. Todd, perhaps i should put together a package of the Air Zound air horn and the GoPro video camera! the people at PC Home made it super easy for me to get the cam.

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