Memorable Meals 2006, Part IV

Photos by MJ Klein

Continuing with our series of fine dining experiences from 2006, we present part #4:

Memorable Meals 2006, Part IV

One of the best versions of this dish I’ve ever had, these hollow vegetables feature chili pepper, dried smoked bonito flakes, green onions and a lot of garlic.  Delicious!

Memorable Meals 2006, Part IV

Sour pork intestine with ginger.

Memorable Meals 2006, Part IV

This is a German style leg of pork.  A bit crunchy on the outside, the inside was soft and tender.

Memorable Meals 2006, Part IV

Sweet and Sour Pork Short Rib.  This was a dish to remember!

Memorable Meals 2006, Part IV

Clam Soup – a Taiwan favorite!

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  2. Mmmmm… the German style leg of porn and the Sweet and Sour Pork Short Rib look rather tasty.

    Now… living in New England… if I were to think of something called “Clam Soup”… it wouldn’t look something like that. It would probably be a creamy style soup… probably a thinner than New England Clam Chowder. But then again… with New England Clam Cowder… why make a clam soup???
    .-= mike01905´s last blog ..2009 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in Boston =-.

    1. Mike, you have Italian sausage there, but still, people like hot dogs. clam chowder is a milk/creme based concoction and it’s not the end-all of clam soups. the soup pictured here is ginger based and quite good for health. totally different flavoring and more of an ending to the meal than clam chowder, which is typically served at the beginning.

  3. MJ, all this food , just looking at the pictures make me hungry (well maybe not the sour pig guts ) and makes me run to the kitchen to grab a snack while reading your post , I think you had better get back out on the trike and keep me from having to start back going to the gym( probably do me some good ). great post and anytime someone mentions food , you know me I’m there ha ha Malcolm
    Ciejay sends a big hello to you and says she love the food post .
    .-= malcolm´s last blog ..RIVER TRAVELS AND SIGHTSEEING =-.

    1. hi Malcolm. the sour pork intestines aren’t my favorite dish either, but the other ones were fantastic. This meal comes from the archives of 2006 and i can still remember the dishes, so that’s saying something. don’t worry, i’ll be getting back on the trike and bringing you some riding articles to balance out all this eating! right now we’re gearing up for a tropical storm that’s heading our way up the Taiwan Straight. hello back to Ciejay, and thanks!

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