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  2. (Girl in green) I want wrap my lips on one of MJ’s big juicy burgers.

    ( Girl in blue) Arrhh, not one of those juicy burgers, I can’t hold it properly.

    (Girl in white) Screw the burger, I want to eat the cameraman.
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..Wai Khru Day Isaan Thailand 2009 =-.

  3. Girl in Blue-Oh god I can’t deal with one more picture, not one!
    Girl in Green- If that guy takes one more picture of me i’m going to take that camera and shove it right where no one will ever find it!
    Girl in While- Will you two stop Bitching and smile, Tyra Bank’s could see this picture and I’m going to be Taiwan’s Next Top Model!

    Nice shot MJ lol

    Your Friend in NH

  4. And so the annual meeting of the “Society against overuse of the V sign in Asian photography” commences…

  5. The Police Officer asked: “I hear he ate all the profits away at your all-you-can-eat restaurant. What did this farang type look like?

    “He was very funny looking and kept taking pictures of the food when I brought it!

    “He had these wild, Sangsom bender eyes that were all red and bloodshot…”

    “There was this strange WHITE stuff all over his face… with blotches of sweet and sour sauce up to his ears. But what was really strange was that the cute lady he was with kept dabbing at him until she ran us out of napkins (aka: T.P.)! THEN she resorted to… Oh, I just can’t bring myself to say what she did next! It was just so… DISGUSTING… licking that prickly stuff!”

    “We’ve had quite a few reports about this couple around this area. Don’t worry ladies, we’ll get them!”

    1. Turk, we’ve had numerous complaints about that couple. thanks for the report – we’re going to keep our eyes open for them! 😉

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