Comments From Readers, 090523

Photos by MJ Klein

Recently, reader Danielle B. said:

“Do you realize your elephant is pooping? Are there by any chance any non-pooping elephants in your collection? Other than that the photography tour was fun, creative, and a beautiful collection of photography!”

Danielle, yes, we have several other, non-pooping elephants in our collection.  I’ll show them to you right now!

Our Elephant Collection

This is the whole collection of hand carved wooden elephants from Thailand.

Our Elephant Collection

This is the elephant in question.  At first we didn’t know what it was doing, but the tail and the back legs made it pretty clear.

Our Elephant Collection

This is a mother and child elephant pair, carved out of a single block of wood.

Our Elephant Collection

The opposite side of the pair.

Our Elephant Collection

Details of the baby elephant.

Our Elephant Collection

This is our stand-alone baby elephant, recently purchased at the same store where we got the pooping elephant.

Our Elephant Collection

The mother and 2 baby elephants.

Our Elephant Collection

This is the elephant that started our collection.  When viewed in person, the skin texture is very lifelike.

So Danielle B., there you go – our entire collection of carved elephants!

Thanks for reading!  We look forward to your comments and rating below!

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  1. Pingback: MJ Klein
    1. Brunty, we liked the elephant also because it was so different than the normal poses that are carved. it took us a moment to realize what it was doing! haha! it was a fair question though. thanks Brunty.

  2. AWWW look at the babies they are super cute! I love your elephants all BUT the pooping one, however you love it so that’s all that matters. Also it is quite unique! Thanks for sharing them with me, as always I love looking at your photos…..

    1. Danielle, thanks for the kind comments. we enjoy taking photographs and showing them to our readers. if we get any new elephants we’ll be sure to show them to you! take care!

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