Strange Lights on the Taiwan Straight

Photos by MJ Klein

This evening I went up to the roof because evenings have been nice and cool recently.  My jaw dropped when I saw the lights coming from the Taiwan Straight:

Strange Lights on the Taiwan Straight

This shot is facing west and except for a few kilometers of land in front of me, there is nothing there except the Taiwan Straight and eventually, China.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen strange light beams like this in Taiwan.

Strange Lights over Taoyuan

Strange Lights over Taoyuan

I took the above 2 shots in June, 2004, in Taoyuan.  I shot them out my window and I had removed the window glass to get an open view of the mountains.  In this case, I’m facing West towards the center of Taiwan.

Strange Lights on the Taiwan Straight

This is the second shot from this evening.  Notice the very well developed beams to the left.  Or should I say “shadows?”  These went on for a considerable distance up into the sky.

Not sure what causes these beams (especially the ones from the East) but they sure look interesting!

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    1. hey Brunty, i was thinking that it looks like light shining between God’s fingers!

      i don’t live in the same place as i did in 2004, but we’re still close to the mountains. we did get some mists coming down from them occasionally. the main problem in the wintertime is the humidity and the wind. it seems a lot colder than it really is. thanks Brunty.

    1. Craig, i would love to see your shots of those lights! what do you think causes them? Andre and i were discussing it and we think they are caused by clouds. but the Taoyuan lights are mysterious because they were from the East while the sun was setting.

        1. Craig, i’m glad you posted those links – thanks! very cool shots! wonder if we should start up a Flickr group for beams?

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