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Bushman 2000

This time of year has me thinking about things from the past, both good and bad.  First of all, Hui-chen and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary.  This is of course, a very good thing!  We didn’t really do anything special.  We were in Thailand and we decided to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.  We both love Japanese food so we don’t need the excuse of a special occasion to go out for it!

Then of course, today, May 11 is the day that Taiwan Air Force jet 5371 crashed, 2 years ago.  I can’t seem to let go of this one.  I know why.  It’s because the pilots were blamed for the accident, but in my photos you can see that the rudder is clearly jammed to one side.  The pilots couldn’t control the aircraft very well with the jammed rudder, but still they managed to miss our neighborhood and crash just barely inside the wall of the military base off of Route 117 in Hukou.  They were killed instantly.  I just wish that someone with recognized credentials would examine the photographic evidence and exonerate the pilots if this is the case.

The Final Seconds of 5371:1

My favorite shot of 5371 because you can’t tell anything is wrong by looking at the photograph

Finally, May 11 is the day after my return back to the states from my first trip to Taiwan, in 2000.  The photo at the top of this article was taken in Taiwan, at Fort Provincia where I’m examining one of the stone tablets.  My first trip to Taiwan was 3 weeks long and I traveled from Taipei where I was staying, down through Taichung and into Tainan.  I was determined to see more of Taiwan that most travelers do on their first visit.  I instantly fell in love with Taiwan and it’s people.

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    1. thank you, Todd.

      i don’t hold any hope that the pilots will be exonerated…. the case was closed and no one is going back later to take a look.

  2. MJ, congratulations to you and Hui-Chen and also love the picture from 2000. You had some long hair going on there. Also have you still got that hat? A real bushman never throws away a hat.. 🙂 You need a few wine corks hanging off it to keep the flies away.

    MJ, did you ever send the pictures to overseas places to investigate the crash, maybe they could offer different views. I have no idea about planes. I don’t even know where the rudder is on one of those jets 🙂

    Thanks for sharing mate.

    Bruntys last blog post..Day 1 New Thai School Year, Surivived. Isaan Thailand.

    1. thanks Brunty. i’ve had some long hair going in several installments, but i think it’s going to be short from now on. that hat is long gone – it wore out and i had to replace it with the one i currently have.

      Brunty, i wouldn’t know who to send the photos to. they are online and publicly viewable and downloadable from my Flickr account. no one has come forward to say that they would like to examine them though. the rudder is the vertical control surface and in every photo where the position of the rudder is able to be determined, it’s in the same position – even when other control surfaces are in positions that doesn’t make any sense with the rudder position. it sure seems like the rudder was jammed to me.

      thanks Brunty.

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