Welcome to Beijing, Part II

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Photos by MJ Klein & Hui-chen, including FOOD PHOTOS

Hui-chen and I went to China for a few days on a business trip.  We went through Hong Kong and up to the far northeast corner of China, in the Black Dragon Province.

Welcome To Beijing

We moblogged this photo from my mobile phone upon our arrival in Beijing.  We’ve been to Beijing before but only passing through.  On this trip we finally got to leave the airport and experience a tiny taste of Beijing.

Welcome To Beijing

The Olympics sign is left over from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This was taken right outside the airport.

We went to our hotel which was very near the airport.  We found out that the downtown was more than an hour drive away, so we took a taxi to an area only about 10 minutes away that was known for some excellent restaurants.

Welcome To Beijing

We found a “kao ya” or roast duck restaurant.  The taxi driver was on duty and didn’t have anything to do so he waited in the taxi while we ate.

Welcome To Beijing

But, after checking out the menu and the size of the dishes, we decided to invite our taxi driver Mr. Fang, to join us.  We just ordered the dishes that we would have ordered for just us 2, and there was plenty for another person.

Welcome To Beijing

Here I am waiting for the first dish to arrive.

Welcome To Beijing

This is the famous Tsingtao beer.  I used to drink this in the States but the flavor of this particular style was different.  It was still good though – just different.  This is the draft style.  Of note is the fact that we ordered cold beer but it came out of the kitchen rather tepid.  Apparently because Beijing is so cold, people don’t like to drink their beer cold like we do in Taiwan.

Welcome To Beijing

This is the first dish out of the kitchen: a delightful sliced beef.

Welcome To Beijing

Next out was this mixed mountain mushroom dish.  Excellent!

Welcome To Beijing

This soup is one that I used to make back in the States.  I’ve certainly eaten lots of it – this is the famous Hot & Sour soup of US Chinese restaurant fame.

Welcome To Beijing

Welcome To Beijing

We enjoyed these dishes until the main dish arrived….

Welcome To Beijing

Here are the trappings of the main dish:

  1. Pancakes (more like crepes) in the bamboo steamer
  2. Sliced cucumbers (above the pancakes)
  3. Hoisin sauce (the brown dish)
  4. Sliced scallions

Welcome To Beijing

And here is the main dish: “Peking Duck” as it’s called in many places.  This dish was wonderful.  One begins by taking a pancake and adding some sliced cucumbers and scallions.  Then several slices of the duck meat are dipped in the hoisin sauce and added to the pancake.  Then the whole thing is wrapped up like a Mexican burrito and enjoyed as a wrap.

Welcome To Beijing

This shot shows the destruction after the meal.  This was one of the most enjoyable meals I’ve had in China.

Welcome To Beijing

I have just one cute shot of Hui-chen that I had to add to this article of course!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our visit to a Beijing restaurant.

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    1. Andres, it was a great first meal in Beijing. i kept thinking about how old that city is and all the people that have come and gone through it. then i thought about all the great cuisine that’s been prepared there. i’m glad we got a chance to experience some of it.

    1. Craig, i was just admiring your Sun Moon Lake photos…. nice!

      the lighting in the restaurant was less than desirable, and i did try to white balance to compensate but still, the colors are a bit off. i wish they did justice to the meals. thanks.

  1. Welcome back to teh land of the blogging. It is 2.44am and I am watching olf reading blogs and after seeing the food am hungry, thanks :). The beef, the mushrooms, the soup and the duck all looked great, really really good. The pancakes thingies, can you load them up with duck and stuff make like a sandwich. Hey Im an Aussie, we love sangas. Great post mate.

    Bruntys last blog post..Late Nights, a Sore Toe and Boring Politics, Thailand.

  2. Mmmmm… that beef dish looked pretty yummy. The pancakes (or crepes), sliced cucumbers, and sliced scallions I could go for… but I don’t know what Hoisin sauce is. Is it sweet tasting??? Is it spicy tasting??? I’ve only had mushrooms on a pizza… so not sure if I would like that mushroom dish… but it looked tasty. I’ve never had duck.

    Check your e-mail… bought a new camera and sent you some quick sample pics that I see to compare it to my old camra and so on. So far… I really like this new one 🙂

    1. Mike, you would have liked the mushroom dish a lot. some of the best mushroom flavors i’ve ever experienced. hoisin sauce has been called “Chinese mayonnaise” but it’s not really like mayo. it’s a semi-sweet sauce that goes well with meat, and particularly duck, which is one of my all-time favorite meats.

      i did get your emails and photos. i’m going to have to digest them after this weekend’s activities.

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