This Week in Food, Part Three

Food and other photos by MJ Klein

The Daily Bubble Tea – For Two!

We had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Cathy and Todd, of The Daily Bubble Tea fame, on Saturday, in quaint Nantou.  It was like a blogger meetup!  I didn’t take so many photos of the events as I chose to sit back and enjoy them.  But, I did take photos of the dishes so you could enjoy them!

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

We were among the first to arrive, and the setting was just lovely.

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

But not as lovely as the Bride, Cathy!  She looks stunning in her gown, doesn’t she?

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

The happy couple making their entrance

Let’s see what was on the menu!  I didn’t photograph every single dish, but I did photograph the major ones.

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

First out was a lovely appetizer platter featuring mostly duck meat.

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

The next dish was rather strange at first.  It wasn’t until Mark cut into it that we realized it was a stuff cabbage leaf.  The stuff inside was great too.

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

This lamb dish looked fantastic, and almost good enough to me to try.  Almost, but I don’t eat lamb!   The presentation was excellent and the sauce looked delicious.

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

Next out was this crab plate.  Notice how the legs have the shells cut off so you can eat them easily.  I love the flavor of crab but not the work involved in getting small pieces of meat out of the shell!  Many crab dishes feature crab leg knuckles but this dish featured entire leg portions.  This dish was excellent!

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

Mark Forman agrees with me on that!

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

Cathy and Todd toasting the guests

The Daily Bubble Tea, Now For 2

The last dish was sauteed tiger prawns.  These prawns were huge!  I ate 2 and I was done!

Next we’re going to have lunch in a Korean restaurant with a very unusual decor.

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  1. Man, MJ. You have been eating some really good food. I have to stop reading so late at night. I love crab as well but hate the mucking about. I loved mud crabs. Lots of meat and delicous.

    MJ, why don’t you eat lamb? Is it the smell? Or you tried and didn’t like it.

    Bruntys last blog post..Thai school Christmas fun, Isaan Thailand.

    1. That’s why i picked this week to talk about the food we’ve been eating :). i don’t eat lamb because to me it tastes exactly like beef that has gone bad. it triggers my gag reflex to get rid of it. i honestly don’t understand how anyone can eat it.

  2. I was hoping someone would take some good food picks on the big day for me! Thanks MJ! Great seeing you and Hui-chen! Look forward to seeing you soon!~

    Todds last blog post..We’re Married!

    1. Todd, several people at our table took photos of the food. David Reid and Michael Turton in particular have them too. i thought i should publish mine in a blog article because we had such a great week in food that week. congratulations again Todd! hope to see you guys again soon!

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