Krazy Karaoke

Video by MJ Klein

Hui-chen and I decided to travel to Bade, Taoyuan and see our old friends Mr. Sun and Mr. Lee (aka Paul and Lee).  Now for some reason, it seems that whenever we go back to that neighborhood, something weird happens and it’s not the fault of our friends.  A fight will break out among some gamblers or a drunk person will start bothering us.  Well, something did happen and it was in the latter category this time.

We all went to a quiet little karaoke place to relax with some good food, drink and songs.  I had my video camera with me and I was videotaping Paul and Lee singing some songs when all of a sudden, some drunk woman came in, went over to Paul and smacked him while he was singing.  Then it got worse from there!  So, naturally I made it into a feature video, and now you may enjoy it for yourself!  Here it is:

Krazy Karaoke from MJ Klein on Vimeo.


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    1. Truett Black » yes, i’ll say they are! Mr. Lee saved me from having to get nasty with the drunk. i can’t tolerate drunks and i’m afraid i wouldn’t have stood for being slapped around like that.

  2. That lady will be a real catch for some lucky guy!! I am like you and have a short fuse for drunks, and here in Thailand they are plenty.

    She’s is lucky she didn’t get to you MJ. Your friends were very tolerant to her.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Bruntys last blog post..English Fun Camp, Thailand.

    1. Brunty » i pointed to the 1/2 consumed bottle of Sang Som and asked my friends if they ever saw me acting like an idiot just because i was under the influence. point made. thanks Brunty.

  3. way to show restraint by not smacking the shit out of her….. but what’s more impressive to me is that he didn’t throw up once she started rubbing and grinding herself against him! nasty old bitch!

    andress last blog post..dubu house

    1. andres » she went after me and Mr. Lee ran interference, thank goodness. she was giving me crap for drinking “cola” because she was too stupid to notice that we were drinking Sang Som and coke. then she took my glass and sniffed it, handling it all over, and who knows where her hands have been. i asked the boss for a new glass and i had a refill before she finished sniffing the old glass. what bothers me is the no asking. these drunks just come up to you and do stuff without asking.

      yeah, she sure was nasty but she thought she was the sex bomb. i’m shuddering thinking that she could have been flailing all over me! and yes, i did thank Mr. Lee. profusely.

      when i got up to go to the restroom, she pulled some more stuff while i was gone. she stepped past Mr. Sun, sat next to HC and actually tried to sit on her lap. when i returned from the restroom, HC was standing up and the drunken woman was sitting next to Mr. Sun, all innocent like. we took that as a cue to leave. when the time comes that we can’t enjoy ourselves without being molested, we leave. sooner or later (hopefully) the owners of these places will realize that people like her chase the good customers out.

    1. Kaminoge » if you look closely after the woman leaves in the first scene, you can see the owner closing the door that she rudely left open. owners rarely get involved you see. they are all friends with these people, and unlike the custom of many Westerners, they won’t shun someone for acting like a fool. one thing that i have never seen anywhere in Asia, is an owner cutting someone off from alcohol. a person can be falling down drunk and still get a refill – even if they are taking the scooter home. in this case, the drunken woman just came and went as she pleased, even associating with the other customers, bothering us at our table, etc., with no one telling her to stop. that’s just how it is. No wonder you don’t like karaoke in Taiwan!

  4. “No wonder you don’t like karaoke in Taiwan!”

    Well that, and having to listen to off-key (not that my singing is any better!) renditions of poor Taiwanese imitations of Japanese enka songs (which I was never a fan of in the first place, either).

    Kaminoges last blog post..Trails, Dude

  5. LOL Indeed a crazy karaoke experience. I must say Mr. Lee & Mr. Sun are the collest person on earth. My mind is just running wild imagining what could have happened if the crazy lady had come on you instead of your friends 😛

    Ashishs last blog post..Mr and Mrs Ashlin

    1. Ashish » those men are very tolerant, putting it mildly. well, it’s not like i would have done anything really bad but i don’t have the tolerance those men have. i would have pushed her away. the problem is, people like her don’t get it. so they act like fools but to them they are being funny and they don’t understand why anyone would react negatively towards them. so if/when you push them away, then is must be you to has the problem. i hate it when people like that force me to be an asshole by standing up to them.

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