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It’s bound to happen sometime.  You must always beware and on your guard because when you least expect it:

Scooter Accident
Fortunately, no one appeared to be hurt.  No one was yelling and screaming either.

Scooter Accident

Scooter Accident

I sympathize with these people though….

Scooter Accident

Scooter Accident
Right in the middle of the big circle in the Sandou Shopping district in Kaohsiung!


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  1. I’m surprise accidents like that don’t happen more often.

    What is the traffic like in kaoushung? It seems the further away from Taipei traffic laws seem more like traffic suggestions.

    1. owshawng » actually Kao is really great. the people there do follow the traffic rules and it’s surprisingly lawful. you’d love it.

  2. Hmmm… I like how you said… “Fortunately, no one appeared to be hurt. No one was yelling and screaming either.”.

    A sure sign that this accident didn’t happen in the states (at least in the Boston area). There would’ve been all kinds of yelling… obscenities being screamed back and forth at each other (and most likely some or all of them not being said in English).

  3. I’ve found the further south you go, the worse the drivers seems to be at following the laws (or just using common sense). Kaohsiung seems to be an exception though. I’d have to say that either Tainan or Jiayi would win the prize for worst drivers in Taiwan.

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  4. I have seen lots of yelling and screaming in the aftermath of traffic accidents here, but usually the two sides retreat afterwards, make some calls on their cell phones and then wait for the police to arrive. It isn’t often there is any physical contact, though my wife once saw one driver try to attack the other one with a crowbar following a collision in an intersection in Taichung. The most interesting case I’ve seen was of one middle-aged woman on a scooter spitting in the face of another middle-aged woman on a scooter after a near-miss between their two bikes.

    Kaminoge’s last blog post..In the news ????

    1. Kaminoge » wow, you’ve seen stuff that i have yet to witness in Taiwan. that’s strange about the near-miss because normal driving consists of constant near-misses! good thing i carry a crowbar with me, huh? lol

  5. The traffic situation in Taiwan is abominable. You can’t even cross the road on a green walk signal without taking your life into your own hands. I know because I have to cross a street on my way home each night. The cars encroach into the crosswalk before they reluctantly stop, nearly hitting people in the crowd of pedestrians as they cross the road on a timed green WALK SIGNAL. I count at least a half dozen traffic violations each time I cross that road. Of course, there is a police station about three hundred meters away.

    I’d say the people involved in this accident got off easy. I read in a Time or Newsweek article a few years ago that Taiwan is ranked fourth for traffic-related deaths, world-wide. Only Thailand, China, and India had worse rankings.

    For the latest extreme example of what happens all too often, type “Brutal Hit and Run in Taiwan” into your browser (MJ, I didn’t want to post a link without your permission).

    You can’t wait for society to wake up and change. The police have to get draconian about enforcing traffic laws. If traffic fines were tripled, and the number of tickets issued went up ten times, I’d stand by and cheer, and I have a local driver’s license and drive most every day.

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  6. Truett Black » one can only keep their wits about them and remember that only you can save your live on the roads. thanks for the reference.

  7. This appears to be a very contemplative resolution to the incident. What ever happened to picking up the scooter, going to the sidewalk and haggling over how much the driver of the bigger vehicle was going to pay? What I really want to know is what is that cute little car?

    1. cary » heeh, it’s because insurance isn’t an issue over here. the rules are setup differently in Taiwan and that allows people to actually do things like live their lives and not worry about security. quite refreshing! the car is some model of Nissan that follows the current trend to “retro” everything. i’m surprised that the scooter isn’t a retro model because they are everywhere now.

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