More Fodder for The Ban List

Several times a week I get spammed by this domain:  Don’t click on the link because there isn’t anything there worth even looking at, let alone driving traffic to that idiotic site.  I’m mentioning it because I’m hoping the spamming ‘wad will read this and get the message: your site sucks, and stop spamming me – your domain is banned and you’re wasting your time.  Ah, but these types are normally stupid so I don’t expect anything.

There are a growing number of these completely valueless sites that are nothing more than link, and link bait repositories. These sites usually leave their garbage spam as trackbacks on blogs.  Trackback spam is becoming more of a problem as spammers figure out that as long as they have the blog URL in the trackback, the spam blocker software will usually post the trackback.  Our readers should have fun checking out the comments for the last 10 or 15 articles and then count the number of links to blogs of completely worthless content.  Some of them are truly retarded.

Karaokecentral doesn’t allow comments, but they have a laughable terms of service and privacy policy.  Hopefully with your lack of support for these kinds of blogs they will dry up and go away.  They exist for one single reason – to get clicks on their ads.  There’s no content to speak of.  Just make sure that you never click on any of the ads for these sites, and avoid them altogether if you can.

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    1. Stephen » they are anything but above-board. the trouble is, there are tons of these worthless sites popping up on blogger and other hosts. thanks for the interesting article link Stephen.

  1. I got one of those last month. I received an email asking if they could link to my blog. Turns out the site was selling shoes. I thought I was going to read a blog, but since I’ve been tricked to view a virtual shoe store let me max out the credit card on some sneaker and shoes. They seem to ave such integrity.

    Scuzzbags are everywhere.

    1. Todd » the problem is when the TBs include your URL so the spam tools mistake it for a legit TB. i get lots of those these days as the spammers get smarter.

  2. Akismet should ‘learn’ to deal with these spammers as long as people are designating the comments and trackbacks as spam. It is a cat and mouse game that seemingly will never go away. The thing now I have noticed is that people are surfing the net and making short but legitimate comments to my site with URL’s to these garbage sites.

    ANd by the way Michael, your WordPress is having a plugin problem when it comes to entering comments. You should give it a try and see. Also, there are two Captcha style anti spam mechanisms.

    1. John » i’m using Spam Karma 2 and it does learn but i have to mark what i consider to be spam when it’s not obvious, such as the short comments that seem to be legit but link back to junk sites.
      can you elaborate on the comments problem John? we’ve tested the site with Firefox, Flock and IE under linux and windows with no problems that we can encounter. thanks.

  3. The first comment I made yesterday brought me to a second black captcha page, and an error message popped up on the screen, something to do with your updates plugin (?) and the header image. The second comment I made didn’t have that. I use Firefox.

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