How Busy Was Your Chinese New Year?

Photo by MJ Klein

Tourist Night Market, Kaohsiung
Hui-chen and I were in Kaohsiung for Chinese New Year. We decided to go to the Liuhe tourist night market for dinner. After finding this huge crowd, we decided to pass on dinner there!

So, how busy was your Chinese New Year?

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  1. Well, my Chinese New Year was the shortest one I’ve ever had in my life– 2 days! I am hoping to make up some fun with your guests at the Blue Sky. See you soon! Enjoy your pics on Flickr a lot!! 😉

    1. Yu-Fen » i wish ours was 2 days long! the factories weren’t producing, we weren’t shipping and i was bored for most of the time! cu on Saturday!

  2. I was at that market on both Thursday and Friday nights. Thursday I was in the area as they were setting up, so decided to take a few shots. I walked up and down the length of the market 3 times over an hour or so. The first time, there weren’t many people, the second was like a normal Saturday evening and the third was almost impossible to move. And all of that was before 7pm.

  3. For the most part I managed to avoid the crowds. I planned it that way. There is nothing worse than going somewhere and battling huge crowds of people rather than just relaxing and enjoying yourself. Some people obviously think differently though.

    David on Formosa’s last blog post..2008 Taipei Book Fair

  4. just stayed home throughout the holidays and that right there is one of the reasons… i absolutely hate crowded areas and being stuck in traffic! the shitty rainy and cold weather didn’t help either.

    andres’s last blog post..teddy bear olivia

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