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Many of you Flickrites may have noticed a new link on photo pages: Photo Stats.  Flickr now provides detailed statistics about your photos!  But, there’s a catch: you have to turn them on.

Click on any Photo Stats link to get started.  It takes a few minutes for their server to perform the statistical calculations.  Here’s what you can get: 

Daily aggregate views on your account

This is a very cool line graph that shows your daily viewers.   Cool!

View counts

A mini spreadsheet type display of views organized by Photos, Photostream, Sets, and Collections.  Show are counts for Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, and All Time.

Your most viewed photos

A thumbnailed display of your top viewed photos of yesterday and all time.  Links expand the display to all photos.


By Yesterday, and All Time, this is perhaps the most useful section of the stats, for it enables you to see what is driving traffic to your Flickr photostream.   The results may be surprising.  For example, I learned that the highest referrals from a blog domain other than our own, is

Breakdown of your photos (4,724)

This is another very useful feature.  This breakdown shows the total number of photos in parenthesis at the end of the title (in this case it shows that I have 4,724 photos total on my photostream at the time of this writing).  Then it gets interesting.  You can see all your photos which are public, private, family, friends, tagged, not tagged, commented, not commented with views, without views and quite a bit more.  This makes fixing problems a whole lot easier too because these headings are actually links, showing you the relevant photos.  For example, clicking “not tagged” opened a batch mode browser that loaded all those photos without tags.  I was able to very easily tag those photos and return them to the photo stream.  Awesome!

I suggest that you check out this new feature!

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