Guess The Secret Ingredient!


Photos by MJ Klein

The contest has ended.

This shot shows just how light and fluffy the batter is

A number of years ago I ate breakfast in a restaurant in the Midwest. I ordered pancakes. What I was served blew me away! They were the lightest, fluffiest pancakes I have ever experienced! Most of the pancakes I’ve eaten felt like an iron bar in my stomach for hours afterwards. Not these. There was something very different about these particular pancakes. A Secret Ingredient.

For years I tried to figure it out. I asked my friends. I interviewed professional chefs. I talked with chemists. Every time I made pancakes I was disappointed, remembering those light and fluffy examples of Pancake Perfection. Mine were heavy and extremely filling. Most times I could only eat one. Sometimes only a half. Would I ever find The Secret Ingredient?

For years I experimented and worked up different batter formulations. I never gave up. Finally I stumbled on something. Was this it? Did I really have it? Only further experimentation would reveal whether or not I actually possessed The Secret Ingredient.

My pancakes were the talk of the town. People raved about them. I served up pancakes on the kitchen stove in a cast iron frying pan. I served them up over a fire when camping. I served pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In every case they were the lightest, fluffiest pancakes that anyone had ever experienced. People could really pack them in too. No more heavy iron bars in the stomach – no, these pancakes allow one to come back for more and more. Yes, I did indeed, have The Secret Ingredient. Finally!

A few days ago I casually mentioned this secret ingredient that I use in pancake batter. People have been guessing what it might be. No one has guessed correctly.

So…. I’ve decided to have a contest!

Be the first one to guess The Secret Ingredient and I will send you enough to make a thousand pancakes, personally autographed by me! Here are the simple rules:

  1. The contest is open to anyone in the world, as long as you are able to receive a package from Taiwan via post.
  2. Only one guess per person.
  3. The contest will end at 00:00 Friday morning.

Bear in mind that I am trying to be fair about this. Several people did post guesses in the comments section of the previous post. So in all fairness I’m going to not allow further guesses from those people. Of course, anyone is allowed to comment, but no actual guesses will be accepted from those readers who guessed before. Sorry.

I will hold all guesses until the end of the contest. After the contest ends I will post all of the guesses and announce the winner. I will be contacting the winner via email. In case of multiple winning guesses, the correct guess with the earliest time stamp will be the winner.

Remember, you won’t be seeing guesses, but I will post those comments that are not guesses. I’ll also leave a comment from time to time updating the number of guesses that we’ve received. If you’ve never commented on our blog before, this is a good time for a first comment! Make it a good guess!

I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and guesses! Happy guessing!

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  1. Hello NJBushman,

    Recent reader, first time posting…

    My guess is, “buttermilk”…as adding that will affect the amount of baking soda and baking powder used (which in the older posts, people who mentioned one of those ingredients you said were on the right path or close…)

    You can also make your own buttermilk by adding in lemon juice or vinegar as well.

  2. so far we have 2 guesses! we’re waiting for yours next!

    let’s extend a warm welcome to our newest reader, Peter Ho! glad to have you aboard, Peter!

  3. Colby » since i told you the Secret Ingredient at least 5 years ago, what do you think? lol now i have to trust you to not give out the secret to anyone who emails you for it!

  4. Absolutely LOVE your site!!! Wonderful reporting, great photography and a most interesting insight on the world!

    You remind me of home… Cabela’s is just down the street and you seem to be a walking ad for them!! Serengeti Safari™ Shirt, Hat and dutch ovens… the only thing I haven’t found in their store that you might need, is guitar strings (but fishing line could be an adequate substitute)!!

    Those fluffy looking pancakes of yours can only get that way with the secret ingredient loved and cherished by MAN-kind….

    BEER… Breakfast of Champions!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Turk… in Omaha

  5. TurkMeister » welcome to our blog! thank you for your very kind comments! yes i love Cabela’s and i’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for years now. i do wish they sold guitar strings sometimes because they would be excellent quality and long lasting! Turk i have edited out your guess about the Secret Ingredient until the contest is over. i’ll edit the comment back in at the time when i publish the other guesses. thanks again for your comments and we hope that there will be many more!

  6. we are up to 6 guesses today. when i reveal the Secret Ingredient there are going to be some surprised people! i hope someone actually guesses it correctly! comments will be closed on Friday, so get going!

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