Home Cooked Dishes, Taiwanese Style

Photos by MJ Klein

As you know, we’ve imported all the articles from Bushman’s Asian Food Blog into the main blog. So, we’re still posting about food and dining, but not to a separate blog. Warning: FOOD PHOTOS!

These are Hui-chen’s famous meatballs. Read on to see what else she cooked.


Let’s rub it in with another shot, showing the nice presentation.

Spinach (not seaweed, sorry!) and egg soup. The wonderful fresh green color isn’t easy to capture and this photo does not do it justice.

This is “black chicken” soup. The chicken tastes identical but the skin is black. Black chickens are used in many medicinal dishes.

Asparagus and bacon. This bacon is more like a smoked ham than what you might get in the US. It’s an excellent flavor combination.

Here we see Hui-chen’s Dragon Mustache, complete with the raw egg on the top, like we had at the Grace Restaurant recently.

And last, we have an excellent fried white fish with ginger and soy sauce.

When can we expect you for dinner?

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  1. Looks good man, I was in Cabelas last week and had an elk sandwich. The meatballs look good, and your fish is the perfect size for that plate.

  2. You are a cruel man MJ. I am going to start reading your blog in the daytime hours instead of just before bed at 10pm.

    I am sure it is your fault I have put on 4 kilograms from binge eating after reading your posts.

    Great pictures as always.

    I would kill for some decent spinach here. Love the stuff. There is plenty of asparugus though which I eat a heap of usually with small button mushrooms in a light butter sauce.

    Shite, I am feelin hungry and drooling on the keyboard.

    Jason Brunt’s last blog post..Thailand. More pictures of 50th celebration.

  3. Brunty, sorry about that! it works both ways you know ­čśë ever since your last grill party with the closeups of the food on the grill (thanks for making me drool on the keyboard, btw) i’ve been waiting for the weekend to come so i can fire mine up! btw, i didn’t realize that you can’t get decent spinach in Thailand. in Taiwan most of the asparagus dishes are slathered in mayonnaise, which is Taiwan’s favorite condiment apparently. i prefer it as you said, with the button mushrooms and the light sauce – delicious! thanks for the comments Brunty and take care.

  4. Naruwan » i will ask HC if i can get her to post the recipe. her mother makes meatballs too and they are legendary. at ever family get-together, her mother really lays out a feast. it’s always fun to go back to Kaohsiung!

  5. I don’t know what’s better, your wife’s cooking, or your photography. Both make my stomch growl.
    More homemade meals, please! They are heart warming.

  6. Joanna » it’s her cooking, trust me! we are glad that you are still visiting us even though we have merged our Food Blog into the main blog. we will be sure to show you some more home style cooking and grilling ­čÖé thanks!

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