Typhoon KROSA (INENG) is now drifting Westward

I think this one is going to clobber us, good. Hope I’m wrong.

Typhoon KROSA (INENG) now drifting Westward… [Update #003]

Bushman’s Typhoon Blog: Typhoon KROSA (INENG) now drifting Westward… [Update #003]

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  1. If it’s going to clobber us, hopefully it’s tomorrow. Are you sure it’s Sunday?

  2. Patrick, here is the latest from the typhoon blog:

    + FORECAST OUTLOOK: KROSA is expected to continue moving NW’ly towards Northern Taiwan throughout the weekend. The 3 to 5-day forecast shows KROSA becoming an extremely catastrophic Category 5 Super Typhoon with winds reaching 260 km/hr tomorrow morning, Oct 05. The eye shall reach the northeastern coast of Taiwan Sunday morning with a sudden slow in its NW track. It shall pass very close to Taipei, Taiwan Sunday after- noon, Oct 7 (approx 3 PM HK Time), with a close distance of 55 km to the east. Upon its closest approach to Taiwan, KROSA shall be downgra- ded to a Category 4 (220 kph) Typhoon and shall continue losing strength as it bears down the coast of SE China on Monday & Tuesday (Oct 8-9) due to land interaction, increasing wind shear and dry air over mainland China.
    by tomorrow it will be a Cat5. the arrival forecast is of course, based upon the speed of travel. if it picks up speed it could be here sooner; slows down, later.

    however when reading the forecast, bear in mind that they are always talking about the eye. the chart shows the typhoon with “probability circles” drawn around the position. those circles represent possible storm center locations and the circles get bigger the farther out the forecast goes. so, this thing could actually hit us sometime Saturday. it could also slow down and hit us on Monday. all we can do is watch the reports and hope for the best (whatever that is in each individual case).

    i got my new lens ready for action!

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