More Thailand Photos & Comments (on the photos only this time)

This is one of the market streets during the day. Trust me, it is hot here! The official looking guy is a parking lot attendant for a local hotel. The car which is visible just to the far lower right is coming out of the parking lot into the street and the attendant is directing traffic.

This shot shows a cool boat you can ride on the river. Those are dinner tables visible through the windows, as this is a dining boat.

One of the many boat ferry docks in Bangkok. You can catch a boat ferry here and take it up or down river for a very reasonable rate.

This is one of only 2 forts which are still left standing, and its within a 5 minute walking distance of my guesthouse. It seems to have little appeal to the farangs though (no bar girls).

Some local kids playing in the canal. Its not exactly what one woud call “sanitary” and I’m sure that the parasites alone would keep most people out of there.

Bangkok police officer on a speed bike. If you think you can outrun him, think again. Always ask if you can take photographs of police and officials. This officer was using his radio when I approached him. I patiently waited and then he graciously allowed me to take this shot. Thai police carry .45 APC (look like Glocks but I didn’t get too close). I might add that this is the only Bangkok police officer I have seen who wasn’t wearing a mask. This probably means he is not corrupt, as most of the officers wear masks on the premise of protection from air pollution, but in reality don’t want to be identified when they jack you up for money.

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