Experimenting With 360

Photos and Video by MJ Klein

UPDATE: 2/2/2017:  Our sister site has a Youtube channel with some 360 content you might enjoy!  Please take a look.

Recently I bought an LG 360 camera to experiment with.  360 cameras take photos literally 360 degrees in a sphere around the environment with the camera in the center.  The LG is inexpensive but actually quite good and allows one to see if they’d like to get into 360 without spending a fortune.  The following are 2 videos from YouTube.  No matter how you view these videos, mobile app, web interface – even embedded in this blog, the videos are scrollable, so have a look around!

Flickr fully supports 360, so if you’d like to see the full effect, please click on the photos and view them on Flickr, where they are pannable:

360 Shots From the Car

360 Shots From the Car

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    1. hi Eugene. yes, i’m sure it could be mounted on a bike helmet somehow, but i wouldn’t recommend it. remember that anything the camera is up against will be recorded in the 360 video and the helmet will be *very large* and take up most of one field! it would be better to mount it on the handlebar. thanks and take care.

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