Baby Phoenix Goes Swimming

Photos by MJ Klein

Swimming has always been big in my family, since the days when we all lived in Florida.  I’m determined to help Phoenix cultivate a love for the water and swimming, so we put her in the bathtub to begin the process of getting her acquainted with being in water.

Baby Phoenix Swimming

We have a Taiwanese made float ring that attaches behind the baby’s head and supports her in the water.  Phoenix took to the float right away (nothing seems to really bother her) but when I placed her into the water she got very scared.  Her natural fear of drowning kicked in and she didn’t like it one bit.  In this photo she looks so small and vulnerable at the end of the bathtub, but I assure you, she warmed up to the idea rather quickly.

Baby Phoenix Swimming

Within a few minutes she began to move around and feel more secure.  After I pushed her back and forth, she really began to enjoy herself.  She appeared to like the feeling of being weightless.

Baby Phoenix Swimming

Here she is enjoying the experience.  I can tell you that now, Phoenix absolutely loves the water.  She kicks her legs, and uses her hands to propel herself around.  The next step is to take her to a kiddie pool.

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About These Photos

These photos were taken on the day of the second time we had Phoenix swimming.  My wife, Hui-chen was present the entire time, and she did not take her eyes off the baby (you can see Phoenix looking at her in the last photograph above).  On the first day, when I first put Phoenix in the bathtub, I kept my hands on her until she got over her fright of the water.  We took things very slowly and I certainly was in no hurry to introduce her to this brand-new experience.  I did not have my camera in the bathroom with me on the first day, nor did I have any activity on my mind whatsoever, other than the business at hand.  I only consented to take photographs on the second day after my wife began to supervise her, and only after making verbal conformation with Hui-chen that I was going to leave the room to get the camera.

When using a device like this with your child, please do not allow any force on earth to compel you to leave your child unsupervised for even one second!


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  1. My daughter had the same kind of ring at that age. We started her with water familiarization classes at a pool in Taichung when she was six months old, and seven years later she really enjoys swimming and being in the water. Are you thinking of doing something similar with Phoenix?
    Kaminoge´s last post ..How illustrating

    1. hi Jim. well, i’ve been to those pools with the classes, and they emphasize learning many different kinds of strokes. again, it’s about appearances, like the guy who sits on the edge of the pool in Speedos with a racing bathing cap, ear/nose plugs and prescription goggles, but can’t swim. i think Phoenix will get enough of that rote learning in school so i don’t think i’ll subject her to that on her free time. i was thinking about teaching her how to swim myself, like my father taught me. basic simple strokes plus how to survive in the water, not how to look good going by, lol. of course if she wants to go to those classes, i have no objection. thanks Jim.

      1. Actually, the classes we attended didn’t teach the infants how to swim. The purpose was to get them comfortable in the water, and not be afraid. The parents were in the water with the children at all times, and the activities included things like having the parent guide the child through the water to pick up a plastic ball and then bring them over to a floating basket and put the ball in. Amber’s favorite was moving along a floating obstacle course. The emphasis was on letting the kids have fun in the water.

        Starting from three years of age, Amber started attending proper swimming classes, where she learned strokes and breathing techniques, among other things. The class was only one hour a week, and she always looked forward to it.
        Kaminoge´s last post ..How illustrating

        1. hi Jim. oh, wow, that sounds about perfect! there is a big pool in Zhubei, so i’m going to ask around and see if there are some of those type classes available. i believe that Phoenix would love it! thanks for the info!

  2. MJ – it is cool you are teaching her to swim at such a young age. It is good to get rid of the natural fear of water early and I personally believe swimming is an important life skill that few people pay attention to. That aside, she is a cutie…have fun….:)
    Paul´s last post ..Ride to Nowhere – Two Big Climbs – 97 km

    1. hi Paul, i totally agree with you. one would never know we live on an island by the number of people here who cannot swim. when i lived in Florida, swimming was part of high school gym class. thanks Paul.

  3. Phoenix is precious. Glad to see she likes the water now. I enjoy looking at her pictures every few days since she is so sweet natured.

    1. hi Carolyn. yes we’re blessed with a happy baby! she smiles most of the time, especially first thing in the morning. thanks and please take care, Carolyn.

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