Near Misses

Dashcam video

This week we have a couple of near-misses shot with our dashcam.  This clip consists of 2 sections  I’ll explain the sections below:

In section one, you see us driving along and then encountering a truck doing something on the side of the road.  The driver is stopping and apparently pulling over.  I signalled and changed lanes to the left to avoid the obstacle.  A car coming up behind me very fast (speeding) apparently did not like my changing lanes in front of him, and he showed his disapproval by honking his horn.  Then, a little further down the road, he decided to “teach me a lesson” by passing me very close and driving recklessly.  The clip continues and shows him trying to wreck his car further down the road by speeding and quickly jerking the wheel while changing lanes.  I did learn a lesson: “You’re a moron.”

Section 2 shows just taking off and moving forward from a stoplight.  This is an area where cars need to merge into the lanes on the left, from the right.  You’ll see a car coming in from the left and merging in front of us.  No problem.  But, right behind him another car insists on muscling in, forcing me to hit the brakes to avoid running into him.  You can see him running over the cat’s-eye markers on the road (his car rocks).

Once again, the wide-angle nature of the camera tends to minimize the drama, but these were very close near-misses.

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  1. I guess there are rude drivers all over the world. Glad you were careful.

    1. hi Carolyn. so true. there is a way of thinking here though, and that people need to go in front of you instead of behind. i cannot tell you how many countless times i’ve been passed by someone just to have them pull over in front of me, when they could have just as easily gone behind me and not inconvenienced me. just how people are brought up i guess. take care Carolyn.

  2. “he decided to “teach me a lesson” by passing me very close and driving recklessly”.

    You mean… he didn’t flip you off (telling you that you’re #1) and swear his head off at you… calling you every name in the book???

    Geeee… you have polite drivers there in Taiwan 🙂
    mike01905´s last post ..2013 World of Wheels in Boston

    1. hi Mike. well that’s one way of looking at it. instead of doing those things, Taiwanese drivers usually just get out the bat and take a few swings.

      1. Well… if they are going to take a bat out and take a few swings… hopefully they aren’t like Ted Williams (last person to hit over .400 in a season) and more like Bob Uecker (a career .200 hitter) 🙂
        mike01905´s last post ..2013 World of Wheels in Boston

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