Baby Phoenix at Six Months

Photos by MJ Klein

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

It seems like it was just yesterday that we took our little bundle-of-joy home, but she is now over six months old!  That means it’s time for an update!

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

Hui-chen and I got this big baby play mat at Costco.  Phoenix is getting more mobile so we wanted to give her some room to play.

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

The mat is large enough for Mommy to join her and point out all the cool stuff.  Notice the toy giraffe.  That’s Phoenix’s first toy, and she loves it!

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

Does Phoenix like her new play mat?  She sure does!

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

Very recently we started Phoenix on solid foods (along with her regular supplement of milk and formula).  Hui-chen is feeding her pureed pumpkin.

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

At first we had no idea how she would react, but she absolutely loves pumpkin!

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

But no one was more surprised than me to find that she’s cutting teeth!

Baby Phoenix at Six Months

At this writing, she has 2 bottom teeth coming in!

Of course we’ll have more updates (and some videos) again soon!  Thanks for reading!  Please leave us your comments below!

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    1. hi David. yes, she is growing up so fast i can hardly keep up! she’s already vocalizing a lot so i expect her to be talking soon! the giraffe is a chew toy made in France and is a very famous brand. when i hand it to her, the giraffe goes straight into the mouth! lol thanks David.

    1. hi Jim. thanks. not getting so many questions as comments. yesterday a father told her daughter to take a look at the “grandpa” holding his granddaughter! lol people see me pushing the carriage and they go out of their way to see what’s in the carriage. i’ve entertained the idea of putting a very scary doll in there! haha! thanks Jim and take care.

        1. hi Jim. oic – i converted the databases in this WP installation by hand, and apparently the comments database isn’t set to support Chinese (i’ll have to look into it). but to answer your question, people do say that quite a bit when they look at Phoenix. we’ll keep the updates coming! thanks Jim and take care of that knee.

  1. Phoenix is such a sweet baby. I love to see her pictures. You are lucky to have a sweet natured baby. Look forward to more pictures as she grows.

    1. hi Snap. she is growing up so fast! just tonight after her bath i was looking at her and thinking how big she looks now. thanks and take care Snap.

  2. Good to see that Phoenix is taking to solids to readily, we had a lot of problems desperately trying to get ours to eat anything other than milk (which wasn’t enough for her anymore at the time).

    But if I tell her today that at one time she even refused to eat ice cream, she won’t believe me … 🙂

    1. hi Stefan. in general, nothing seems to throw Phoenix very much. she’s so easy-going and good to get along with. thankfully we didn’t have any problems with her taking to solid food. take care.

  3. Mine is now approaching 3 months and still far away from playing on a mat and eating solid food (let alone growing teeth). I’m so looking forward to this period 🙂 Phoenix is very cute (and I’m sure the father has something to do with it) 😉
    MKL´s last post ..Taking care of a newborn baby is so damn hard!

    1. hi MKL. you’re in for a wonderful time watching her go through this developmental stage! it’ll be gone before you know it, so take plenty of photos and videos! haha, hey Mike, did you hear that??? thanks MLK and take care.

  4. Oh my Mj, she is quite the young lady! She is growing so fast, what a wonderful little wonder she is 🙂 It is so great to watch her grow with all yur pictures and videos! Sending NH love to you and your entire family.

    1. hi Danielle! thanks for visiting us again. Phoenix is growing up so fast that i’m afraid to blink my eyes! wish i was back in NH enjoying that wonderful weather near the White Mountains. take care Danielle, and we hope to see you again soon!

  5. Phoenix is a little cutie. Saw all the pix & movie clips too. Especially enjoyed her dancing steps to the music!

    1. hi Frank & Sue! we have certainly been blessed with our baby Phoenix. if you had told me 20 years ago that i would have a daughter in my old age, i would have said you were nuts! lol thanks for joining us here. take care.

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