Red Car Cuts Me Off

Dashcam Video

As some of you may might remember, Hui-chen and I bought a new car recently.  We’ll be doing a story on that soon enough but one thing the new car came with is a dashcam.  While driving, it silently records everything that happens in front of us.  As sort of an experiment I thought I would highlight one of the idiotic things that happen to me while daily driving.  If the response is good, this will become a regular feature as there certainly is enough material for a completely new blog on this topic alone!  So, it is with great pleasure that we bring you this first dashcam video:

The red car cruises into the left lane just prior to reaching the intersection (0:08), where it proceeds to take a right turn and encroach right into my lane forcing me to slow and wait (0:14) (and honk my horn). At that intersection, there are double right-turn lanes and most of the drivers do not do what this guy did. The wide-angle lens takes away some of the drama but nevertheless I was not able to continue in my own lane without hitting this driver.

Be sure and let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments section.

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    1. hi MKL. just wait – there will be more. this is just the beginning. i’m going to document some of those worse things! take care.

    1. hi Jim. you’re right. now that we have a new car, we’ve been hit 2 times already – fortunately nothing happened and there are no marks on the car. i drive like an old man because no only am i, but i’m not in any hurry. but i’m always thinking “what’s the worst/stupidest thing that driver in front of me can do” and 9/10 they do it. “driving defensively” has been elevated to new heights for me here in Taiwan. thanks Jim.

  1. Love the music. Keep this feature. I also noticed that the driver did put on their turn signal. That’s been improving the last five years, but I would agree that defensive driving is a must in Taiwan. Assuming that all other drivers are idiots is a good start.

    1. hi Tom. the music is from Youtube – a generic tune that they can optionally add to your video. my camera is set to not record audio so i thought i would add the music track. yes, the guy did turn on his turn signal. i just didn’t realize it meant he would be turning into my lane! especially after we went to the trouble of sailing into the left lane just before. you are so right – i assume that everyone else is an idiot and i expect the worse. one of the things that i love is the turning on of the turn signal just as the car starts to make the turn. clearly that’s an indication that the driver is merely complying with procedure, rather than understands the concept of warning others in advance of one’s intentions. thanks Tom.

  2. Happy that you did not get hit. Sorry to see that this country is not the only place with bad drivers. Too many people are not concerned about being considerate to others. They are in their own world and the rest of us have to watch out for them.
    I like the idea of you adding this feature to your blog.

    1. hi Carolyn. thanks for your comments. i’ll be adding more dashcam videos as i do more driving around! you’re right – people aren’t concerned about being considerate, but even more, what’s considerate is different depending upon the culture. this was more of a cultural thing i suspect. take care.

  3. Wow… the dashcam adds cool music too 🙂

    Well… that didn’t look all that bad… the red car looked as if it was almost stopped (not going very fast) when they cut you off.

    I’m sure you remember seeing people here get cut off (and it probably happened to you too) by others doing the high speed (105+ km/h) 3-lane change (from high speed lane to the low speed lane) so they wouldn’t miss their exit on the highways here.
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    1. hi Mike. my wife pointed out something that i did not notice. she said that the red car took the path he did to avoid driving on the yellow “hatch” – which in Taiwan means no stopping (but not no driving). he’s the first guy i’ve ever seen doing that and still he had a total disregard for impact on me being beside him. oh well. yes i’ve seen that high speed lane change. seen it here too, but for no other reason than to get a few seconds ahead of the other cars. i’m sure i’ll have some footage of that soon enough. take care Mike.

  4. Having looked at the video it looks like the two lanes become one anyway, I don’t think there is enough space for 2 cars side by side. In some countries there would be markings on the road indicating the merging of two lanes. It’s always best to proceed prudently in Taiwan and to expect the unexpected!

    1. hi Neil. the lane layout is deceiving in the video. you have to ignore the cross-hatching, which does not affect moving cars. the main road is a 3 laner, with the outside lane being taken up by cars parking. at that intersection, it’s actually 3 lanes+ because it’s wider there and it’s without the parked cars. i’ve been driving onto that road for years and this is the first time that a car on my left didn’t just drive straight into the main road, but veered right to avoid the cross hatch. but as you say, i was expecting the unexpected and didn’t hit him when he went right in front of me! thanks Neil and take care.

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