1. I think it’s because they don’t know yet, what they are supposed to be able to do. So they just do whatever they want. 😉

  1. I love that smile too. The medical staff always told me it was a gas bubble and not them actually smiling. I think they are off and that they are smiles, especially if someone else is laughing or talking funny around them. They are smiles to me and I love Phoenix’s smile.

    1. hi Carolyn. interesting about the gas bubble. maybe it’s a smile of relief when the gas bubble is gone? lol btw, i got to meet Peichi last night, finally. absolutely charming personality. we had a great time at dinner at Michael’s friend’s restaurant. take care, Carolyn.

    1. thanks Todd. she made some smiley faces yesterday, and now i’m convinced that Carolyn is right – it’s just gas, lol. cute just the same though. great post of Nathan’s faces, btw. thanks and take care Todd!

  2. cute!

    i’m curious to know too why all newborns only smile when they are sleeping or drifting into sleep. a lot of people say it’s gas but i think it’s an old wives tale. i rather believe they are just having a good dream. regardless it’s a wonderful sight to behold. they smile, we smile
    andre´s last post ..Longteng Broken Bridge

    1. Andre, i’m with you on this. no matter the reason, it sure is cute! i just cannot imagine what a good baby dream would be? giant nipple? lol thanks man and take care.

    1. hi Paul. thank you. yes, i know it, and i thank God every day for both my wife and daughter. i’m trying my very best not to screw things up! nice to cu again. take care.

    1. hey Carrie, always a pleasure! don’t worry about that, we know you have your own issues to deal with right now. thanks for your kind comments, and remember, you and your family are always welcome in our home. take care.

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