This Week In Food: 1149

Mobile phone food photos by MJ Klein

Well, dear readers, we apologize for the time interval between posts of late.  There is lots going on that has been demanding our attention, but not much going on that is blog-worthy.  However, as we’ve said before, Hui-chen and I photograph nearly every meal we have, so I think we should do more food posts since people really seem to be interested in the food we have in Taiwan.  We intend to make this more of a regular feature so please do let us know if you like it.  Now, onto the food!

This Week In Food: 1149

Before we get into the actual week’s food offerings, I just wanted to start things off with a shot of a wonderful Vietnamese style beef salad.  Not totally unlike similar offering from other Southeast Asian countries we’ve visited, this dish was definitely Vietnamese flavored and every bit as good at it looks.  This was made right in my neighborhood on the next block at a little place called 乾杯小吃.

This Week In Food: 1149

Because we didn’t have a food article for last week, I’m going to show you a few teppanyaki dishes we had in nearby Zhubei.  This is fried cabbage.

This Week In Food: 1149

Fried egg, and it was a lot better than it looks in this photo.

This Week In Food: 1149

Oysters, teppanyaki style.

This Week In Food: 1149

Teppanyaki beef.  Cooked perfectly.

This Week In Food: 1149

The same can be said for the teppanyaki pork.

This Week In Food: 1149

We almost didn’t get a shot of this teppanyaki chicken before it was gone!

This Week In Food: 1149

Most Western diners will recognize this classic Chinese restaurant dish: Kung Pao Gi Ding, at the famous 11 Street in Zhubei.

This Week In Food: 1149

These are sweet potato greens, and if you haven’t tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing!

This Week In Food: 1149

Not sure what they call this in English but it’s “mainland beauty” in Chinese.  UPDATE: my wife corrected me.  This dish is “mainland sister.”  Could have fooled me.  When people say this vegetable name it sounds like the 3rd tone to my ears.  Nice, crisp, clean flavor.

This Week In Food: 1149

Boiled dumplings, always a favorite of mine.  Delicious!

This Week In Food: 1149

Pumpkin soup.  Better than most places, and quite good.

This Week In Food: 1149

Next, we went to Friday’s in Zhubei UPDATE: Hsinchu.  I knew this already.  Don’t know why I wrote Zhubei.  This is Hui-chen’s Walnut Salmon with Couscous.  She like it very much.  UPDATE: HC says this is rice with Saffron.

This Week In Food: 1149

I know, I know, how stereotypical of me to get the burger, but that’s what I felt like getting, so I did!  I didn’t care for the Jack Daniel’s sauce (too sweet for my taste) but the burger was great without it.

This Week In Food: 1149

Last but not least, is the dessert at Friday’s.  Fresh fruits, caramelized sugar and ice cream.  Delicious!

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  1. Welcome back! I have missed seeing your blog updated. I love seeing the different foods, especially the vegetables. I have never heard of eating sweet potato leaves. I love sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Pumpkin soup here usually has cream in it, so it is nice to see it elsewhere without the cream. Every dish looked good, except the bacon, cheese burger. Sorry. 😉
    Will you be doing a blog on what food dishes are served at Christmas time there?

    1. hi Carolyn. thanks for your kind words. we don’t like to keep our readers hanging but sometimes things interfere with our writing! sweet potato leaves are probably my favorite vegetable served in Taiwan. until i moved here, i never heard of them being served anywhere before. it’s rare to use milk products in Chinese style (and most Asian) cuisine, so the pumpkin soup sans cream is normal here. Christmas is not celebrated in Taiwan so there aren’t any traditional foods served during for that holiday, except for places that cater to foreigners (which i avoid). take care, Carolyn.

      1. Thank you for letting me know how to cook sweet potato leaves. What is usually cooked with the pumpkin in pumpkin soup? I see more than pumpkin in the picture. Thank you again. The food dishes look terrific.

        1. hi Carolyn. i just hope you can find some of those greens to try! today, we had Japanese style pumpkin soup, and it was made with beef. delicious! you might want to try making that with a beef stock. thanks for your comments and take care 🙂

        2. Carolyn, sorry but i just now realized that i never answered your question properly. the other stuff in the pumpkin soup is seafood and tofu cubes. thanks and take care.

  2. MJ I was looking at these on your Facebook page yesterday and my mouth was watering my friend. The Teppanyaki beef looked great and as you said perfectly cooked and not over-done.

    I like you at times feel like a burger or something along those lines and thankfully there are a few places here in Ubon that now do a good burger. The are not Thai owned though 🙂

    Thanks for sharing mate and making me hungry 🙂

    Brunty´s last post ..Christmas in Isaan Thailand and a Qantas 380.

    1. hi Brunty. well, like you, we’re blessed by living in a country known for it’s excellent cuisine. i do like a nice burger once in awhile, but unlike some Americans I know, i do not seek them out when traveling. glad to have you commenting in our blog, as usual Brunty. take care.

  3. ???? is probably a mistype for ????

    ? (gan4) is a ‘colorful’ word in the Taiwanese language not to be abused easily…

  4. Everything looks so yummy ! arg ! make me so hungry ( and i already ate ) . By the way , ” the Jack Daniel’s sauce ” is the best part 🙂

  5. LOL… “mainland beauty”?
    I know the chinese slang used, and it’s not as eloquent as you put it.

    It’s actually a small version of the romaine lettuce.



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