We Sold Our Blog!

We are happy to announce that Google Inc. has signed a deal to purchase our blog for an undisclosed amount.  Google has hired Hui-chen and I as a writing team for the blog, so the content will be the same as always!  Google, who owns Blogger, has embarked on a new project, aimed at preserving the last remaining personal blogs in existence, and since Hui-chen and I blog on our own life travels and experiences, we are on their list of blogs to preserve.

“These days, the blogosphere is clogged with a myraid of copied and re-post content blogs.  Bushman’s blog is unique because it’s a window into the lives of 2 real people who are running their own business and traveling to exotic destinations and writing about it, but they don’t try to come off as experts on anything, and they’re not promoting an agenda” said Sonya Belanger, spokesperson for Google, and the person in charge of the personal blog preservation project.  “Their blog has an intimate and personal feel to it.  That’s refreshing.”

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Google!

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  2. A very nice deal for you! We’ve been enjoying your travels and excellent photography for some time now. Continued success to you both!

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  4. Nice one. It’s still March in Germany, but in Taiwan it’s already a new month. Hmmm 🙂

    BTW: you should ask Google to disclose the amount to you – that’s only fair.

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  6. Cool MJ… will I get a percentage of it??

    I should. If you remember… when you were living here… I was the one that told you that you should move to Taiwan. I was the one that told you that you shoulget gat married. I was the one that told you that you should start a blog site.

    So… none of this would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for me 🙂

    BTW… its snowing here… and thats NOT an April’s Fools joke.
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  7. Congratulations! Nice to know that the big guys are watching what the little guys are doing successfully. I look forward to more adventures of you and Hui-chen.

  8. ooo this is great news guys! i mean, if u r gonna do something anyway, why not get paid for it! keep up the good work 🙂

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