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I just wanted to say thank you to all who voted for us recently in the Taiwan Blog Awards.  We apologize for whatever malfunction occurred that prevented many of you from being able to vote.  We ended up with less votes this year than we had last year, as a result.  Nevertheless we did manage to win in the personal blog category, and we thank the judges and participants for their votes.

Later this month, Hui-chen and I will be going to Thailand and Laos, with 2 other prominent bloggers from Taiwan.  This is going to be a monumental trip, with no less than 2 expeditions planned to some very interesting sites!  We won’t be blogging from those places though because of the lack of internet facilities.  We’ll try to post a daily photo using our mobile phones and then we’ll do a day-by-day account when we return.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the series on this trip!

Thanks again to everyone who reads our blog, and especially to our wonderful commentators.  This blog wouldn’t be what it is without your participation!

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    1. hi Brunty. yes, sorry about the voting problems. we’ve heard that from many of our friends and other readers too.

      we promise a good series of articles on our escapades both in Thailand, and in Laos. the fun part is going to be showing some other people, what we’ve been doing for the last 5 years in Thailand and Laos. it’s almost like a secret life we’ve had in other countries (except for what we’ve revealed on the blog). from the very first month that we’ve had this blog, Thailand and Laos has been a big part of what we’ve written about.

      take care Brunty.

      1. Your welcome Craig.

        Learned some things on your site about taking pics when its dark… like which settings to change while still keeping your ISO set low. Ever since reading those…. I’ve been keeping my ISO low (100 or 200) and changing other settings to take pics without a flash. My New Years Eve Ice Sculpture pics… were all taken with the ISO on either 100 or 200 (I think mostly 100).
        .-= mike01905´s last blog ..New Years Eve 2009 – Boston =-.

    1. Mike, sorry about that. don’t know why so many were unable to vote, but that does explain the disparity between this year and last year’s vote count. Craig has a great site and as you alluded to, one can learn some great techniques from Craig. thanks Mike.

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