Today’s Ride, 091020

Photo by MJ Klein

Today's Ride, 091020

This article isn’t so much about the ride today as it is about my riding in general.

The other day I learned about a site from Todd, called  This site allows one to create bicycle routes (either by plotting them on a map or by uploading GPS file data) and then create ride logs using those created routes.  One of the best things about Bike Maps is that you can search for routes to ride and share your routes with others too.  One of my main complaints is that I often can’t figure out where I should ride to, so I end up going back to places I’ve already been, over and over.  Bike Maps allows me to search for and find routes for areas and distances.  The best part of Bike Maps is that I can download a GPS data file of the route and upload it to my GPS so I can get turn-by-turn navigation on the GPS while riding.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Today I rode to downtown Hukou, which is something that I try to do every week at least once, for exercise.  I normally park across the street from the train station and eat lunch.  In fact, today’s photo was actually taken last week, but it was the same exact route and I parked in exactly the same spot as I did today, while eating.  Today was no different than any other day that I do this, and normally I don’t bore people with that weekly ride into town, unless something really interesting happens.

This is my Bike Map ride log for today: I’m going to continue to use Bike Maps and log my rides so you can see where my trike has taken me.

Thanks for reading!  We’re looking forward to your comments and ratings below.

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  3. i don’t believe i’ve ever seen a ‘bent in Taiwan. Logistically, I would think the scooters would be too much distraction to not ride upright. How cool.

    1. Jack, bents are here, but of course they are a small percentage of the total bicycle population. but actually scooters have contributed to making Taiwan safer for cyclists. motorists are used to having 2 wheeled vehicles darting in and out and often doing crazy things in traffic, so motorists are used to keeping an eye out and being alert for them. this makes bicycles get seen more by those same motorists that are watching for scooters. also bents (and especially trikes) have such a “what is that!?” factor that they stand out and are easily seen. i feel safe riding my trike in traffic here. thanks for your comments.

  4. Just checked out the site, a great idea. I had to do some searching to see if some of my old routes where there and sure enough they were.

    The Gold Coast was such a great place to cycle, flat roads, small climbs and also serious climbs.

    Below is one of my least liked rides, not because of the distance but Springbrook mountain, I have never been a climber, I can climb but at a slow steady pace.

    There were a couple of the routes at bikemap, not the mostly flat route that tooks us out of Queensland into Country New South Wales, 160klms plus but absolute magic scenery in the country side and very good surfaces too.

    I am going to search a little more, have some more fun looking around bikemap.

    Thanks for sharing MJ.
    .-= Brunty´s last blog ..Garth Brooks Returns to Wynn Las Vegas. =-.

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