We just missed a typhoon that turned toward China at the last minute.  Now we have a second tropical depression (TD) headed for Taiwan, due to arrive on Saturday.  We’re supposed to have a rooftop party on Saturday, so we’re going to be watching this one closely!

Please note that this image is updated regularly.

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  3. Crap. I am meant to fly back from HK to Taipei on Saturday afternoon. Looking at your forecast that may not be a pleasant experience. Hopefully it will be safe to fly!

  4. Yeah I hope so. I saw the video you sent me on Twitter when you landed in the typhoon. It looked exciting. Hopefully it just dies out and everything is calm. Not only for planes, but these things do wreak havoc in the south of Taiwan (not so much in Taipei where I live).

    1. Durbanbay, it looks like the storm might hit earlier than previously expected. it might even be out of here by the time you’re supposed to be traveling. let’s hope so!

  5. Geee… another tropical depression.

    As you know… “hurricane season” here is June 1st to November 1st… but storms don’t really start developing untl like mid-August and usually “peaks” in like early to mid-September.

    Do they have a timeframe that they consider to be “typhoon season” there… and when it usually peaks???

    1. Mike, the season is basically the same. we’ve had typhoons spawn in October. it seems that we get one every few weeks during the season. they begin out in the area of Guam and end up getting sucked in the are between the Philippines and Taiwan.

        1. yeah Mike, because nearly all of them become typhoons so they are entered into the system with names because eventually they will need a name. it reduces confusion.

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