Taiwan Mini Park #6

Photos by MJ Klein

Taiwan Park #6

It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of our articles on local parks.  My Nikon D80 is back in the shop for the recurring MENU button problem (the shop broke it last time), and today I decided to use my Sony-Ericsson C702 mobile phone with GPS to take the park photos.

Also, I’ve put all the previous “mini park” series articles into a series called simply “Taiwan Parks” which doesn’t limit the topics to mini parks only.  So I can add any kind of a park to this series, city, county, national, or whatever.

Today I rode my new recumbent trike out to get some exercise and to take photos of this park.  After I returned to the trike from taking photos, I found it surrounded by stray dogs. Stray dogs are the bane of my existance as I can’t sleep at night because of their barking, and I can’t ride by day or night because they chase me and try to bite me on the trike.  So, how did I get out of that situation?  I walked the trike around the corner where they couldn’t see me.  Then I made off very slowly so not to be all that interesting to a dog wanting to chase something.  Nevertheless, I did get chased by one stupid dog but he couldn’t keep up with me because I was too fast.

Taiwan Park #6

After the walk down the path shown above, one is greeted by these exercise machines.

Taiwan Park #6

Now I’m sure that licensing fees are all paid up to the holders of the elliptical exerciser patent holders. I tried this machine and it’s apparently designed for some very small people because the “throw” wasn’t long enough for me.

I’ve never seen anyone use these machines yet.

Taiwan Park #6

There is a huge “Jungle Gym” style pyramid.  If I were a kid, I’d be playing on that thing all day long!  Notice the mats below.

Taiwan Park #6

Turning slightly to the left of the previous photo, we see the typical Hukou township plaque.

Taiwan Park #6

Continuing on to the left we see a basketball court, and some kind of trellis.

Taiwan Park #6

Further down past the trellis is a play center for the little kids.

Taiwan Park #6

Now, back towards the entrance again, but further to the right this time, we see a bridge.

Taiwan Park #6

The bridge crosses this dry river bed.  Now, turning back to the right from this photo,

Taiwan Park #6

We see the park temple.  The pathway just beyond the temple is where we started our tour.

This park is not bad.  There is enough equipment to play on, and several sitting areas too.  But what makes it a dealbreaker for me is the dogs. There was a pack of 5 dogs hanging out at the entrance, and 3 inside.  One of them is an obnoxious hound that kept barking at me for no reason, almost the entire time I was in the park, and even out of sight.  Taiwan needs to take a hard line on these useless stray dogs and thin out the population before they become even more dangerous than they are now.

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    1. cfimages » i think they’re not the guys to talk with about the dog problem because they practice Catch and Release. why are they releasing the nuisance animals right back onto the street? just because they got their pee-pee whacked doesn’t stop them from pissing, crapping, barking, chasing and biting people. they all must be destroyed because this is an expotential problem that will soon get out of control! i absolutely hate street dogs. they serve no more useful purpose than any other feral species in the environment. that’s my $0.02 anyway.

  3. “I can’t ride by day or night because they chase me and try to bite me on the trike.”

    You have to get off and chase them off, show them who’s boss or, at very least, who won’t be intimidated by their BS. I also encounter this on the start of every single one of my rides. I live right by the river path in Taipei; I usually take it to get out to routes beyond the city.

    One question and one statement leading to a question: Do you have a picture of this trike? There are several photo sharing sites for the bikes of Taiwan. And, I listened to your interview with David. I think I am trying to move away from politics on my blog as well. It’s a topic that pisses people off, even though it’s quite hollow. I liked your interview. It’s a cool idea, this interviewing bloggers. Maybe I’ll give it a go too sometime (you’ll be hearing from me). There are some pretty nice shots here of the parks. The colors of the park benches just jump out at me. My angle and shoot camera is supposed to be 8.1 megapixels. Yet I never manage such nice colors. What do you think is going on?

    Patrick Cowsills last blog post..Up the Yangtze

    1. Patrick, it’s a real PITA to unclip, stand up and try to chase those dogs. i’m going to get some bear pepper spray and just nuke them. hopefully they’ll run out into traffic and get run over.

      there are photos of the trike on my flickr account, and our friend Ashish took a great one outside my home recently: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashishlin/3106509411/sizes/o/

      thanks for your kind comments about my interview. i’ve toyed with the idea of a radio show about blogging…. maybe i will get around to doing it this year.

      regarding the colors, i have the saturation jacked up on my D80, so that’s why they are more vivid than normal. it’s how i like to run it and i love how the colors jump out of the photo.

      thanks Patrick.

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