Warning: Bad Bottles of Sang Som Thai Rum!

Everyone knows I love Sang Som Royal Thai Rum.  I buy at least one bottle of it per week.  I’ve noticed something disturbing about Sang Som lately though, as I have bought several bottles that tasted bad.  There is something different about these bad bottles; some additive or property that imparts a bad taste.  I first noticed it a few weeks ago, and since that time, 2 more bottles I’ve recently purchased have the same additive flavor.  As far as I can tell, it only effects the large bottles as the smaller bottles taste fine.  In my home I have a bad bottle and a good bottle.  Guests who are not as familar with Sang Som as I am can smell and taste the difference.

Hui-chen thinks these bad bottles might even be fakes, but I hesitate to make such a claim.  But it looks like I’ll be buying the small bottles for awhile.

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  1. Hmm, that is interesting. Do you drink the spiced or light rum?

    I know that most rum in my area of the US is not all that great. Most of liquor (ABC/Packing) stores have hard time making ends meet. This is racing and Budweiser hell here. Quite a few packing stores make most there money in tobacco products.

    1. Colby » Sang Som is a dark rum. it’s not spiced like Capt. Morgan for example. it has a rich flavor, slightly sweet, but not overpowering. the bad stuff tastes awful. the bad bottles taste like someone dumped a chemical vanilla flavoring in the mix. yuck!

  2. I would say it is probably a fake. I’ve been told that is a common one to fake, probably because the drinkers are considered 2nd class generally. I had a problem with it a while back, and haven’t had it for a while because of it. I don’t trust it so much.

    Johns last blog post..The only good girls are Taipei girls

    1. John » it’s such a low dollar item though, and a lot of work just for that. i bet it’s some employees doing some after hours dealings. i found that the small bottles are still OK. also if you like Sang Som, Mekhong isn’t bad either. we’ll be drinking Filipino gin down in Tainan anyway though 😉 thanks John.

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