Typhoon KALMAEGI (HELEN) now over NW Taiwan

We are experiencing torrential rains in northwestern Taiwan (shot taken from my balcony).

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Our house flooded on the first floor. I made a siphon from some hose and that drained most of the water out. The problem is that the water is coming up from the drainage system.

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    1. Todd » the main threat in typhoons is water, not wind. we got dumped on here in northern Hsinchu county. our living room flooded and i had to fashion a siphon to get it under control. not fun!

  1. Hi NH,

    Sorry to hear about your flooding. Did you manage to get it cleaned up?

    We had the same problem in our apartment in Taipei i.e. water coming up out the drainage. Our poor tenant has been flooded three times already and I have no idea what to do. Its a third floor apartment and the water comes through the floor drains! Its really irritating! The plumber said its because we changed the pipes and the pipes are blocked but we have had the apartment two years and it is a recent phenomena. Problem is we have beautiful wooden floors and the water will definitely stuff up the floors.

    Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated. I am really not practical in these things (this is when I wished I lived close to my Master Builder dad, if he never knew he would know someone who did).

    Hope all is well with you guys in Taoyuan.
    Take care

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    1. durbanbay » we got it cleaned up quickly, thanks.

      as unbelievable as it sounds, yes, water can come out of drains on higher level floors. part of the reason is because of the volume of water coming from the roof. Chinese style buildings have flat roofs with drains. water falling onto the roof is drained down into the same plumbing system with all the other drains and often the rainwater runoff can fill up the system faster than it can run into the main sewer line. unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it, other than put stoppers in your drains.

  2. Hi,
    I welcome your urgent advise about the weather condition in Taipei, Jiu Fen and Yilan in the north-eastern part of Taiwan plus Taichung and the Sun Moon Lake area in central Taiwan. My family and I are planning for a trip to these places from 16th to 23 August this year. Alternatively, I was thinking of the week from 1st October. The typhoon reports is a bit worrisome and I can’t decide if we should make our trip early next year during the no typhoon season. Since it will be winter in the earlier part of the year, (Chinese New Year from late January to early February0 I am also it might be too cold for us used-to-hot weather people. I welcome and appreciate your kind advise urgently in view of our date of travels.


    1. Joanne » no one can predict the weather (although scientists claim they can model the entire planet’s climate!). the good news about typhoons is that they don’t last very long. usually it’s all over in 8 or 10 hours or so. personally i don’t worry about them too much because there isn’t anything you can do about it.

      winter time in Taiwan is a mixed bag. the temperatures are not all that low, but the humidity is high. if you’re going to visit some places that have high winds it will feel bone-chilling at 55 degrees F. Taiwan homes don’t have central heat because it normally doesn’t get that cold. remember, our latitude is like the Florida everglades and further south. a good wind breaker would be advisable.

      all those places you mentioned have different weather patterns. normally the north gets more rain than the south. one interesting things about Taiwan is that even though the distances are not that great, the weather can vary a great deal among the regions. i suggest that you take a look at the government’s Central Weather Bureau’s website and familiarize yourself with the weather patterns here. August is nice but it’s going to be hot and humid. here is the link:


      sorry i can’t tell you what you should do. i normally travel and consider anything i encounter as part of the travel experience. i’ve been pinned down by monsoon rains in Thailand and it was a cool experience.

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