1. Damn MJ I’m sorry it happened to you. I was waiting a week to make sure everyone got through it before I tried. For once waiting paid off. I’m always afraid of losing my stuff and having to load the backup which I have NO idea how to do. You DO have the backup they tell you to do – yes?

    There’s this amazing automatic upgrade plugin – do you have that? It rocks man for last upgrade – I did all 7 of my WP blogs with it and no problems. Did you use that for this upgrade? Let me know what hosed it as I’m not doing ANYTHING until you let me know. Thanks – Vern

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    1. Vern » i’ve been using the automatic WP upgrade plug-in since it’s inception. i used it this time too. the problem is in the implementation of the plug-in. while one window is open, you’re supposed to click a link and open a second window that will tell you if your DB needs to be upgraded. for 2.6 it does. so, i did that and when finished i was prompted to log in again, and this is the second window, while the first one is waiting for you to update the DB. after i logged in on the second window, the system asked me if i really wanted to do this (and didn’t specify what). i closed that window and continued on the first window and the process never did really finish.

      i overwrote the files from backup on my server. then i tried to import my database backup from WP, but the file that was generated by WP has some effing syntax error, so now the DB import hangs and won’t finish. so i’m fer-fauked until i can take a look at the DB and figure out what’s wrong with it.

      i can write a new post but my editor is locked in HTML mode only. plus all the data from my series articles is lost. i do a lot of series articles and i’m not too happy about that at all. previously all upgrades have been painless and quick. this one sucked.

  2. Aiyo! I tried to drop by yesterday for a visit and couldn’t get your page to load. Now I know why. That sucks MJ!

    Vern’s comment made me laugh. I bumble around so much with these things because I never know what I’m doing and god forbid something should happen and I have to install my backup. I don’t know what I’d do if that were the case.

    Right now, I have wordpress mail me my backup files once a week. I used the WP automatic installation plugin and I figured I’d wait a week or two until they get everything ironed out. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. I hope you get things up and running in short time!

    1. Carrie » right now i’m not so happy with WP. i didn’t do anything wrong and it borked my database. grrrrr! thanks Carrie.

  3. i know many of you are following up on this topic via email, so i wanted to post here that we have found the source of the problem. it appears that one or several plug-ins are responsible for the bork job, along with some genuine upgrade problems. i still have several plug-ins deactivated and i’ll be testing the rest of them as the week progresses.

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