1. Except for last Saturday, the weather has been beautiful down here. Sunday was so nice that I went for a 50km bike ride along the coast.

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    1. cfimages » oh, shut up! lol it’s weird because north and south of where you are has been crappy. but right in the middle it’s been nice – go figure!

  2. last couple of days in Jhubei, it gets sweltering hot in the morning and then by late afternoon it starts to rain and these days I ride my bicycle to work. So in the morning it makes me sweat a lot and on my way back rains does their best to drench me top-to-bottom. I’m so sick of it now. How I thought summer had already started.

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    1. Brunty » some of the worst rain storms i have ever seen were in Muang Phon outside of Khonkaen! it washed away a lot of soil and flooded the streets for hours.

  3. Yeah, Saturday, I was totally soaked going two blocks to my school. I never know if it’s smarter to just walk with an umbrella and raincoat or what. Maybe I should just carry a change of clothes in a plastic bag. Local friends tell me to wear shorts or skirts during downpours to avoid being drenched from the knees down. The sunshine in the last day or two has been AWESOME.

    1. Sandy » you are talking about one of the great problems with commuting when using alternative transportation: what to wear, and how to prepare for the worst. some people keep their work clothes in a waterproof pannier or backback and ride to work in a biking suit. one of the issues however is whether there is a shower facility at the workplace because (as one friend put it) you can end up smelling like a horse after a long bicycle ride to work. but your communte is only 2 blocks long, so it doesn’t seem worth it to change clothes when you get there, does it?

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