More Rooftop Photos

Photos by MJ Klein

With this gorgeous weather, I was up on the roof grilling my dinner last night. Of course, I had my Nikon with me.

We see gorgeous sunsets like this all the time, but the view is always ruined by wires.

Jets fly by the house on a regular basis.

I took this shot a couple of days ago when the recent storms cleared the air. Now, compare this photo to this one:

No wonder I never saw those mountains before!

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  1. MJ. I am happy my parents have gone home, in a good way as I am beat and tired from hosting. Also time was at a minimum.

    The difference in the last two pictures, wow. Is it pollution in the last picture or fog?

    The second last picture is a ripper.

    I priced the Nikon D40 in Bangkok and it was the same as here in Ubon, around 24,000 thousand Baht.

    I am happy to have time again to read your blog, I have a lot to catch up on.

    Bruntys last blog post..The Royal Hotel Bangkok. Review.

    1. Brunty » we’ve missed your regular posts! glad you had a good time with your parents, and got to play some golf. looks like you had a pretty good time.

      have you settled on the D40 yet?

      the mountains are obscured by humidity mostly and some smog. the air here is seldom dry, even in the winter. our winters seem colder than other places because of that.

      nice to see you back Brunty. take care and thanks!

  2. Great pictures! How I wish I could travel too like you, but I can’t. I have just to be contented with watching pictures taken by travelers , like you. Excellent posts.

    Jena Isles last blog post..THE KALINGA COUPLE

    1. Jena Isle » welcome to our humble blog. this is of course one reason why we do what we do, so we may share with others who can’t come here themselves. thanks and take care.

    1. Brunty » our friend Todd has one and his photographs are spectacular. of course it’s not just the camera but it’s nice to know that the D40 won’t limit one. my sister in the US just got one too. now all you need is a Flickr Pro account! hehe

  3. actually I would embrace the wire and accept it as taiwanese landscape!

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